Sunday, November 20, 2011

Next Phase

It's been great year for me. I managed to profit from the brokers, not market. Since it's been slowed down for news trader, I decided to watch US market again especially for day trader.

It doesn't mean that I will do the old trade anymore. It's been more than 6 months for me not trading the market daily. And I've been doing great. But I really had many spare time to learn the original trade and I realized one thing: Patience is Virtue.

There's nothing wrong with my old pattern or whatsoever. The problem is you don't need to trade every day. And since I trade other's people money and I had less attachment with the equity, I've been doing great.

My focus is still on news trader, and for secondary work I'll also watch the US Futures Index like S&P or TF. And I found couple things that important:

1. VIX is great indicator. Low reading VIX means playing limit order. Limit order means buying low sell high, preferably long. High reading VIX means playing breakout or stop order and preferably short.

2. News is important. Not meaning to interpret the news but to blend with other markets player. Not care for news is false. You can anticipate and understand why market not moving or move so erratic so you prepare.

3. No need to trade every day. As day trader, you don't need to trade everyday. Like low VIX reading means there'llbe lot of choppy in market. Not suitable for breakout trading and also prferable no trade at all.

Since now I managed OPM which is grow nicely, I will learn one thing or two for regular trading. Not going back, just hey, learning new things is always have benfit.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

We Evolved

Last Week I didn't make any significant money. The broker seemed to reject my order so I was no trade, for 2 trades should worth $10k profit. Am I dissapointed? yes Am I give up? No and Never.

You see, we evolved every time we have barrier. There's countless opportunities that waiting. There're at least 30 brokers that never been struck by news trader. Not mentioned that I still work out to solve the problem at my old broker. Unlike the other trader who fight each other at the wild money market, I picked my own enemy to fight. Instead fighting with other trader which is profesionally trained and skillful, not mentioning their high tech expensive tools to trade, we are just bunch of pigs ready to get slaughtered.

I never and never said that trade the market cannot be done. Lot of people did it and there will awalys consistent winner inside. But take a look at the learning curve:

I trade from 2007 to 2011...4 years looking for suitable method, psychology, technical, and you named it, place lot of hard work on it, thousands of screen time looking at chart till my eyes blurred, rarely get out from my trading room and what did I get? Losses after losses after losses and more losses. I am tired and frustrated, felt like the market toyed me.

I started trade news from May 2011 until now. I worked less, play more, and I made more money and consistent profit. It's only 6 months and I already made money at my first attempt!!!

I rarely look at other's blog anymore but sometimes when I saw it, I feel sad :( They kept fighting and fighting not realizing that there's much much easier way to obtain wealth from trading. Some people annoyingly stubborn and still thinking they still able, after 5 years of trading and still under water!!!

Let me tell you an assumption:

You are a professional boxer. In some ways you have tricks to hide your weight so you can fight against lower class boxer. But you cannot do that at World Championship. You can only do that at locals. You made money if you win the match, and vice versa. And somehow the local championship know ur trick and banned you. But there're dozens of other local who dont know yet. Also after a while you have more tricks to cheat and harder to get busted. You have the odds and if you don't have it, you rest and keep looking for other trick, not forcing yourself to fight fair.

Which one u choose? The World or Local Championship?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing Changes

Browsing some of other's blog. The same like every f*ckin years. more loss, few win, in the end brokers always win. So why stopped fighting with market and start taking broker's money like me?

6 Months become News Trader, No losses at all in every single month. Flawless Method, Secret Method. And Stress Free.