Monday, February 8, 2021

Outsmart Market Maker Part 2

 Step 1 : Identified Market Structure and Trend

Step 2 : Wait for Pullback

Step 3 : Identified on which candle Retail Trader entry

Step 4 : Wait Market Maker doing Break Even or Stop Loss Hunting

Step 5 : In this scenario MM only hunt the break even trader twice

    Notes* the first hunt is not valid because price just move 7 pips top. Not many traders move their stops     yet. Wait for the next hunt that is happened later.

Step 6 : Enter the market after the hunting session finish

Step 7 : ???

Step 8 : Profit

Market Maker only hunting the break even Trader is a good indication for strong trend. The secret is mark the most liquid area where price are likely to hit. Wait for the momentum then enter to reach the liquid zone. Patience and Absolute Letting Go is above everything in trading.

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