Thursday, April 19, 2018

Exploit the Advantage of Big Leverage Margin

After months of no posts, I would like to share the experimental result I have done recently. The experiment and result is based on my own trading result and I am sure this is not the first time I did the research.

I find it simple to profit almost 100% per day if you have the guts to high leverage trading. I am doing day trades as usual. The difference is now I let my profit run and cut my losses small. Very small that almost all the trades are losses or break even. The trade system running normally but no profit taking activated. No direction either. It can buy then sell, or sell then sell etc. There is no restriction of which direction to take. It trades a lot and 70% of the trades is close break even or small losses. After 2 opened positions running in profit zone for some minutes, I double the trades. The new trade may trade different direction or the same doesn't matter. The rules still implied. If it is negative or break even then close. Then it took some losses again. Then I double the position again until all trades need 80% of available margin.

After quite a while all open positions is in one direction of trading. I can add 2 more lots to make it full margin and that's what I did. Now all the trades are profitable and make 90% of the initial equity.
And I did it in just 2 hours of trading in 3 days. All 3 days has reached the objective.

Here is the requirement to trade like this:

1. High leverage margin / low margin requirement per trade.
2. Wide range directional trading instrument like Asia market index.
3. Sufficient trading capital.
4. Big guts

And that is what my trading imagination. The truth is.....I blow up 3 accounts in three consecutive days. Demo accounts though but still it is interesting findings. I only need less than 30 lots to blow up 10k accounts by doing the exact opposite that I write above.

This is how trading played the human mind. It will beat you over and over until you crazy.
Let profit run, price will return and give you nothing. 
Next time you let losses run and it end up blow up the account.
and the cycle return...

" Boxing is unnatural act...that everything in boxing is backwards. way to deliver a punch is step back. "

                                                                       from Million Dollar Baby

* change boxing to trading and punch to trade

Saturday, September 9, 2017

After 7 Years of Trading for A Living

I am trading for a living. My brother is trading for a living which is more successful than me I think. But both of us managed to survive till today.

I cannot say I am a great trader. I am just an opportunist in the right place and right time. My brother on the other hand is a true trader. I think his trading style more like modern day's Jesse Livermore which take lot of guts and courage. 

Trading is not for everybody, just like other profession. Hard work won't pay in short time but probably will pay in long term. Trading in my opinion is more like gambling. Hard work will not guaranteed you to succeed. If you are a hard worker and want to make money, you better choose different job.

Trading needs patience. Building bricks by bricks until the foundation is strong enough to withstand the windfall. When you are strong enough, 3 years of bad trading will not do you harm. Trading just like other business have busy day, quiet day, good product, bad product, new product, outdated product, and so on. If you open a store let's say a liquor store. You will expect good business day during New Year, Independence Day, or other holiday. Just like business. You will expect good profit when there is Brexit event, President Election, or other World event. In other word, you expect market high volatility especially for day traders.

I am not a believer of loyal to just few symbols to trade, Just like good product or trending product may become outdated or expired. I believed in one thing. Every product with big volatility is good. Stock Traders do that all the time. They will look which stocks is in spotlight today and trade the hell of it, Expert in one product is very difficult. The product may have some bad time, low volatility or small volume. Like S&P in my opinion is very difficult to trade. Small range, low volatility, and so on. It has its time and probably will become great again in the future. But it's much easier to find other product and applied your trading system at it. Price pattern can change but high volatility will always give higher chance to profit.

A good trader will not affected by day to day performance. Bad trader will be affected by few bad days and changing system all the time. The key is patience. Waiting for the right moment to trade. When market is quiet, good trader will trade low or not trading at all. Trade low is not for profit, it just a way to keep intact with market flow. Good trader with good foundation aka. money will have the money works at other place when market is bad. They will use their time to screen other opportunities or other symbol. The skill to screen hot volatile product is more important than the trading system. But when the time comes, good trader will use all his assets to maximize the profit. It is not uncommon if traders only make big profits just 2 months in a year that enough for 10 years to live.

There you have it. My wisdom I like to share with you all. Predicting market movement is stupid. Market can overbought or oversold for eternity. Trading is about yourself. Look inside and be honest with yourself. Are you sure you are in the right track?    

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Updates For Personal Record

It has been almost 2 years since my last updates. Am I still in the trading business? Hard to say...
I have been spied and tracked by other traders who wants to steal my method or access to the market. Some ex fellow trader tried to contact me hoping to get some information because they cannot trade anymore. Their names was blacklisted by other brokers.

Though I feel pity for them, but I must face reality. In every business, we must fight for every slice of pies. I was naive back then when I shared all my trading secret to them. Back in that day, the pie is quite big so we can enjoy together without fighting. But when my mind got back to the past, they never shared any useful trading tips. All tips was coming from me. Some tips from them was so stupid that I suspected they just wanted to misleading me.

I admit I am paranoid. In the last two years I have seen so many broker scam that cost me money. But I can survived. I have new methods in trading and runs well so far, Of Course I cannot have windfall profit anymore but I am still doing my dream job, trading for a living.

If by chance my stalker read this blog, you can go f**k yourself and find another job. No more free loader for you.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Aim Big, Make a New Norm

I haven't reached my goal this year. To achieve One Million US$ annually I need on average 4k per day. I haven't even made 250k so far. It is improvement from last year of course, but for achieving my main goal for the rest of 3.5 months? I don't think it will happen.

But who care about it anyway? I don't have boss to do what I have to do. Everything is up to me, noone push me to win the objective except myself. So, why does we need goals if nothing happen whether you achieve it or not.

The answer is quite radical. It is because we need to set our subconscious mind to the higher level. If we put our goal, we write it, then slowly without realizing it, the universe will help us to get it. Statement above is my daily trading now. Total is 6k profit and it happened just recently. Suddenly my goal is not just a dream anymore.

I truly believe we can get everything we want, if we are ready. Most people are just not ready to get it. Then they will give up and dump their dreams. Money, Fame, Power, will make us worse than what we are today if we are not ready. Many lottery winners have their life destroyed though they have tons of money. Because they are not ready.

I have faith that I will get what I deserve. I keep my trading without doing any damage force to my trading. Because I know I will get it when I am ready. The goal is planted in my brain, and I just flowing with the universe. No regret I didn't fill my mission. Maybe I am not ready yet. But the universe around me is working on it. And up to now, my brain already accept the 5k daily is the new normalcy. My standard is getting higher and I am getting ready.

And suddenly, 100k monthly is not overwhelming anymore.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 reflection and 2014 plan

Here are three statements of my accounts. I run more than 30 accounts and I think I made around US$200k annually.

Started from 2007 and now 2014, hardwork pays. Technically I become profitable trade since 2011 up till 2013. While 2011 is a recovery from 4 years of losses.

I am losing tracks of how much I made so far but it's really beyond my dreams. I even dont have to trade at all because I have assistance to do the stuff. 80% of my income is passive income and the other 20% is from trading manually.

I kept monitoring other blogger and I have to say none of them have good results. Doesn't mean to show off, this post intende to raise all traders motivations.

here's my past post about my silly dream:

It is way beyond my goals now and will not slowing down in 2014

My 2014 target is making US$ 1.000.000 annually

Here is my how-to-achieve lists:
1. Expansion from old strategy
2. More offensive in terms of trades
3, Back to old school day trading, I am ready!!
4. New EA
5. Operating own brokerage firm..this is very crazy dream..haha

All in past years have been a journey. I can quit now and enjoy a decent live with same thing as last year. Or I can do more and broadened my golas not just financially goal but also to other aspects of life. I am 34 years old, soon to have a baby at end of January, and there will be challenge ahead.

To all of you traders out there, HAPPY PROFITABLE NEW YEAR 2014 and if I can do it, You all can. God Bless..

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free yourselves from old habit

Most of us going through this life cycle. Go to school, college, then work. We are programmed to do this for almost our whole lifes.

As students, we are programmed to attend classes, study, and doing homework. As workers, pretty much the same. Attend to office, do assignment, etc. Our brains are forced to do this daily routine every day.

We also programmed to receive instant awards. We study, make homework done, then we will receive good grades. At work, we work hard, finish project, then we have our paid. Of course not all jobs like this, but most of it is.

While there is nothing wrong with all of this, it may become big problems in trading world.

This is not our regular world anymore. Hard working is useless, Full focus is dangerous, fully attachment is deadly. If you watch Oscar winner movies  "A Beautiful Mind" when Russel Crowe seeing weird things. That's may happen to us too. We seeing things look loke profit pattern while in fact it's just our halucination.

To be succesful in trading you must have patience beyond normal. You must withstand the pain of not doing anything while must standing guard. Embrace the pain of your long waiting did not pay at all. It is the mentality of a sniper you must have. Waiting the right moment when there is no guarantee the moment is right.

When your mind is wired to all of those, then you are ready to make money consistently.

Friday, October 4, 2013

What is the hardest aspect to overcome in trading? Emotion? Are You Really experienced the real emotion?

Yes, It's true. Psychological is the most important aspect in trading. But aspire traders maybe never experienced the real psychological revelation in trading. It cannot be described by word how to feel it. But I am sure I already experienced almost every emotional traits in trading.

I am not an expert in human psychology. I am just ordinary trader with few education. I start trading 2007 and only after early 2011 found my own holy grail. From that moment till now there is no turning back. I can wiped out my losses from 2007 - 2011 in 2 months. It seemed like profit is my middle name now. They keep coming like a free ATM machine. Best moment in my life is now.

I want to share some of my experience and how I can reach all my dreams till now. I cannot help you to overcome your psychology problems. Each people have different problem, different character, and also different solutions. But one thing is very important about all this trading stuff is only one:


Yes, mindset is the most important thing in trading and all other things in the world. Mindset that you are destined to be success. Sound cliche but it is true. Mindset is different with faked hope on market direction. It is more about what's inside you. What you believe most, but always have open mind. It means what you believe can be changed but one thing is not ever change that you believe you are destined to be success.

I saw some traders keep doing the same thing, tweak there, modify this, etc. While they missing what is true important things in trading. Their eyes is closed by illusion of trading world. Trading world is what I can see is the same with Business world. You success, everybody want piece of you. Competitors come out, Copycat everywhere. In my country it's worse because no copyright protection here so everybody can open same business like you.

Let's step aside for a moment. See with different persepctive. Trading is not just you vs the world. It's more than that. You must have confidence in you. And it is near impossible to get it if you still struggle in trading. Breakthrough is needed. You must profit first then keep it that way. Keep profiting. Keeping is very difficult. Sometimes there are stones. But still, you must keep profit, Manage your emotion. Keep profit till you have abundance mentality. This usually come when you earned more than you need. Right now I only need 10% of what I earned. It felt so secure and comfort. When market is dull, I keep low and sometimes not earned much or even nothing. But when there are good moments, it's payback time. I earned insanely like there is no tomorrow.

What is abundance mentality? It is not about living lavishly and hedonism. I still in modest living mode. But I kept giving what I earned to theirs who need more. Yes, I will hold my desire to buy cool gadget but I donate the same amount of money to others. Feel Strange isn't it?

Philantropist showed that they have more. And the attraction of abundance will give them more money, It worked. Now I don't really need that much I earned but it is always feel enlightened to share with others.

If you can start to give now, it's a quantum leap to your trading journey. If you showed the world you have more, than the more you will get.

PS : all losers trader are usually stinky, because the poor mentality. Changed it and see what you get.