Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Bad Things as an Employee

I work at Administration Finance Department. As you already know, I make things running on SOP ( Standar Operational Procedure ).

The problem is my job create a can't do attitude. It's like everything must set on procedure. There's no enough effort to be creative on my job.

Fortunately there's always creativity in my job, but sometimes your job partner can not understand that.

I want to make a bold statement of can't do attitude. This is not a good things. As a trader there's always two sides of coin. Win or Loss. No matter how hard the market is, there are always ways out.

And you have to find it if you wanna make a living in this game.

One of my goal is to make a blog maybe like employeesucks.blogspot.com or quityourjob.blogspot.com.

Here's some insight I want to share about employee.

" Being an employee until you get retired is a very dangerous mindset. Most of retired people had a lower income than when they're working. Now you're 55 years old, low income, and sick. Wtf? How about financial freedom on age 35/40, rich, healthy, happy? Remember your time is either valuable or worthless is up to you. BUt my time is valuable..."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Results

Nett Profit : $41++

My internet connection suddenly slowed down right on my PAP time frame, and I cut loss $150++. I don't dare play the AMZN and AAPL. The charts didn't move and my mind boggling that it's conspiracy between my ISP and IB.

Even the conspricaries couldn't stopped me from profiting :)

My PAP worked again after got fake out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

6 Consequtive Positive Days

End of Week
Nett Profit : $111++

Supposed to be Bear Week, 4 out of 5 I made profit on CALL. Crazy market.
This week I made $370++. Not a home run, but quite improvement after disaster last week.

Friday usually is not my day so on Friday I made a quick profit. The other reason also my stomach was growling and I had to go to a Toilet. I scratched AMZN because I couldn't stand the nature call.
Fastest Scalping Ever. Entered on 09.36 exit around 09.50.

The good thing is I can make a profit regarding the day.

This week marked a significant improvement like:
1. Dare to cut loss early, no matter how pain the results.
2. Stick to teh Plan, only play when my PAP told me to.
3. Focusing on cover the cut lose, not the big profit aka. CAPITAL PRESERVATION

Things still I have to improve:
1. Maximizing the profit run as last week the profit still had potential
2. Suppress my own devil

Have a great weekend !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Broke My Own Rulez...

Nett Profit $42++

This is the results of discipline cut loss. Unfortunately, too much prophet chart made them freeze. So I entered and cut loss quite late.

Not a very good trade, not the amount but the trade itself. I let my GS losses run. I just know the market will go up again. And I was right. I didn't cut loss early because I was late exit the profit. It's like revenge trading. Drop $1 less than 10 minutes and maximum $1.50

Trader Instinct or Discretionary, I don't know. I just ready to overnight the contract if it's still loses.

Lesson learned:
1. Too much charts may freeze the prophet chart.
2. Too much diversification was dangerous.
3. On Pre-Opening Choppy day, don't go at the first break.
4. Let profit Run a little more.
5. Cut losses a little quick.
6. Don't forget the plan, AAPL already rallied :(

The profit became smaller because of
fake breakout ( 3 today !!! )

The Psychology Of Cutting Loss Early

Enough about the philosophy of cutting loss. Here's the logic and very reasonable thing about this topic.

--- Why Traders hesitate to cut loss early? ----
Some people said traders don't like cut loss early because they won't admitted they're wrong. Or their ego involved in that. That's BULLSHIT

The reason I know so far because it is painful to know after you cut loss the price suddenly going back to your favor and make a winner.

Will you cut loss if you know your position won't comeback to your direction after you cutting loss? ABSOLUTELY !!! I won't even think twice for cutting loss with that condition.

But in reality, most of the times the price suddenly reversed after you cut loss. Why? IMO it's corelated with mass psychology. We had the same painful tolerance so usually we got out at the same time. After nobody's left, the price reversed and goes to your favor.

In that case, don't cut losses right? Well, It is Market. Nothing's absolute. One mistake may wiped out your account.

Here's the logic of how cut loss may gave you EDGE:
- Let's say you long 1 contract worth $100. Your profit target would be $110. Suddenly the price goes against you and you cut loss on $90. Now you loss $10.Suddenly the market reversed, then a signal came out and you bought at $95. The price goes up through your profit target at $105 and you made profit minus loss = $5.
Well, it's smaller than you let your losses run but what if the market never cameback and go underwater to $80? The worst thing in cut loss scenario, your maximum losses will be $10. In Market everything may happen.

This is only a matter of choice:
Get $10 with unlimited risks or get $5 with $10 maximum risks?

I prefer the second one. Because in the long run, sooner or later the first choice will kill you. That's one of the absolute thing in the market.

If you want to make a fortune from the market not the consistent profit then go ahead, don't cut your losses. And make a fortune means Gambling for me.

Like Warren Buffet says :
Rule No.1 : Never lose money
Rule No.2 : Don't forget rule No.1

Don't forget the rules is for investor. Trader is the whole different things.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Power of Visualization

Nett Profit : $30++

You know my objectives is to become a consistent profitable trader, no matter how small the profit is.

Despite the small profit I had Wednesday but the lesson I learned was very valuable.
Back of these days I kept reflecting myself, my weakness, my fault from trading. And that is the too big loss I took. And then I kept visualizing myself overthrough the obstacles. No matter how big, painful the cut loss is, I must get it done because it's like facing my own devil.

And Wednesday I had the opportunity to do that. The GS opposed my position and I executed with $150++ loss. My breath became heavier but I convinced I did the right thing. I kept focusing on taking small profit and when the time came, I got out with $8++ positive. And I took my new candidate RIMM into play and took another $22++.

So the lesson I learned from cutting loss early is valuable more than a $100 profit.
1. Cut loss early means no pain hot a** hoping the position to came back.
2. Cut loss early means easier steps to go into another trade.
3. Cut loss early means amputated your toxic limbs aka contracts before they poisoned and corroded your body aka accounts.

Of course most of the time the toxic positions would heal itself but why bothered? It took painful waiting time and affected our mental health.
And the worst thing is sooner or later, if you don't amputate your toxic limbs, it would toxicated your body and maybe killed you with only a single blow.

And here's the good news, the amputated limbs may generate and become a healthy one. So don't hesitate cutting loss. Of Course there's some possibility ( heavily depend on experience ) to let the losses healed. But it's quite difficult to do. Here's some hints

If your position against the market and losing, best thing to do is cut loss early.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Gainer

Nett Profit : $54++

I had a fever and made it with small position, narrow profit target. My PAP worked very well also.

No greed involved yesterday and I hope do better tomorrow

Decent Profit For Week Starter

Nett Profit $140++

I know it's small compared to market movement on Monday. But the thing is no matter how small my profit compared to market I felt more comfortable. My Self-Respect increased and I know I am not a loser.

The things I learnt from yesterday is I had a good trade IF I dare to cut loss early. Even like sometime ago I had to cut loss because of the wrong click, not a wrong movement. I dared to cut loss and in seconds I lost more than $100++.

But I got up and finish the day with more than $100 profit.

THe same things happen when I realized I buy too low delta contract. I scratch and entered with higher delta. Hell I even made profit from CALL Options.

I think this is what we called Reflex. The Price won't wait for you. Do it right and let the market decided.

I planned to cut loss early and take profit even quicker today. Knowing your limit is also important. For example, when your position against you, without hesitation got out and entered the reversal contracts.

One Secret I learnt that I never got bad trades when I cut loss very early. I won't let the loss I took cloud my judgement.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Self Destruction Mode = ON

Nett Profit : $45++

I usually careful on Expiration Day.
That's when I kept mounting my position for total 13 contracts. I don't know what to do. My PAP suddenly reversed and like Automated Trading Machine I went reverse but not closing my previous position. I keep adding the previous position and liquidating my reverse position and suddenly my loss become -$700++.

Choppy Market gave me hesitation while exit and entered.

However I made $45++ on expiration day with loss swing more than

It's not a good trade and never be.

Bad Things on Job

A Good job doesn't give you any good. If you're people who don't have confidence to make a living then get a job. Let your company taking care of you.

Now I sit at my desk taking care shits that I didn't make while the guilty one have a good time. Here's the contrarian between Trading and Career.

On Career you had to be perfect. Even if you're wrong, blame others. You had to look competent to your superior. This habit will make a bad personality for trading. Who's to blame when you're losing except yourself. That's a denial in disguise. I told you again your job bring you bad habit on Trading. Hell even doctors blame others /something when they made mistake at surgery room

The best things to do I'll take all responsibilities on my job so it won't hurt my trading habit. I don't have a shit if my career stuck.

This week I must admit I'm doing a bad things on trading. Let losses run, entered discretionally, clumsy scaling, and so on. But the good thing is I'll survive this because I know my fault and remember it through my heart.

Happy Trading


Nett Profit : $187

I'm still had a losing weeks. And the good things happened. I managed to sell 4 open position AMZN and made a little profit on it. Thursday's like any other good day. My PAP started to work again, and I gained a new knowledge. Here's what I learnt this week:
1. GS seemed to follow the XLF, and quite precisely with % price change. This is a good thing if GS tend to move differently with XLF than something happened.
2. Bonds lead Stock Market. OIL follow the Stock Market. It seemed that a total bullish is when my 8 sector bull, DOW,NASDAQ,SPX in green, OIL is green, Bond also green.
3. TICK represents the market sentiment at that time.

Here's another characteristic of my TICKER:
1. GS is XLF's follower.
2. AAPL tend to irational during first 30-45 minutes. Go with the breakthrough.
3. AMZN also played the breakthrough, only slower.

Expiration Day will be quite chaos. Play safe and safe trade.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Money as Tools

The subject about money will be always in big THREE priority in human's life.
When I saw my environment how to treat money, I concluded most of the time human used money as tools for survival and enjoyment aka consumption.

Here's some insight how you used money corelated with your prosperity:
1. Most people treat money like a rare resources. They focus on making money but neglected the value inside it. Money is simply an asset, like gold, stocks, painting, bonds, etc. The difference is money is the most liquid asset but also the most 'inflation victim' asset. So if you keep the liquid asset but didn't used it (saved it on CD, later you lose the value little by little).
2. Most people trade their time,power,emotion,knowledge for money. Very little trade their money for money. It's a little bit confusing. But how about this? You made some money and you made your money made money for you. Pretty logical huh?
3. Most people afraid to lose money. This is the biggest mistake we ever had. I mean It's okay to lose money. Money's just merely a tools. Money is an energy. They just switched hands. And if you lose money, you must get something in return, even it's just experience, knowledge, relationship and so on. If you've ever got robbed than you got something in return. Experience and knowledge.
So, if you lose money, don't forget to take lesson from the experience. And the price is never wrong.

How is the corelation between money and trading?
Trading = lose money
Trading = make money
Most people start trading with low capital and high leverage.
Most people don't want to lose money when trading.
Almost all elite trader today experienced loss money they can't afford that day.

It's okay losing money. Just keep it small so you had more classes to attend before you mastered it.

What Am I Thinking Part 2

Nett Loss : -$133++

I managed to cover yesterday's losses with a very good trade. AAPL and GS both gave very good results. Until I screwed up with AMZN. I still don't get it. I entered AMZN with discretionary and averaging down until I realized I had 5 contracts losing position.

To cut the story short my losses yesterday -$133++ plus 4 contracts AMZN still in take.

Okay, enough for this screwed up trade. I got back to my shaped again, and trade wisely today.

PS : Market Wizard Book really helped me motivated, especialy the story about Tom.

What Am I Thinking?

Nett Loss : -$67++

After listening to The Contender OST, I had fire in my body to punch out market yesterday. I wreck havoc buy call here buy put here etc and doing that like a cowboy. And the last thing happen, loss -67++ and 2 losing position. Now I depend wholefully on luck.

I try to analyze myself. What happened to me? It's just not like me at all. Every discretion I made is very dangerous.

And I made myself up, I'll do it right again

Monday, June 15, 2009

What you write is what you get

On Thursday posts I wrote about getting $20 and that's exactly the maximum amount I got from the market. And as human, I wait for more profit. I mean how come you exit your position when you've got profit only in 5 seconds. Come on...

Now I learnt more about myself, my trading behaviour.

1. I'd like to wait for more profit if the price soared too fast like less than 1 minute.
2. I take my profit too little if the market deadly slowly. I don't have patience waiting even it's only $5.
3. I don't have a decent profit target setup.
4. I am scared market took away my profit if I don't liquidate it.
5. I am waiting too long for losing position but exit little too fast for executing it.
6. My profit target is profit based profit not price based profit.

Here's what I do on my next trading.
1. Price based profit. Anticipating where the price will touch today. No matter how awful the speed is, meanwhile looking at the sentiment all the way there.
2. Scaling down is a high risk low return and high probability. Not worthed so much. I learnt when I wrong, it's better focus on how to minimize damage aka change side with tight stop loss/profit.

And the newest idea about trading:


Bloody Friday

Nett Loss = -$274++

Thursday was a delayed loss on Friday.
As usual GS made a horrible pattern again. My PAP failed miserably. Worse, my Ratio Pattern also failed. Plus AAPL made a good breakthrugh PAP and as faith's playing with me, I'm not in it.

20 minutes more waiting and I'll covered all my loss PLUS $180 decent profit. But who dared waiting with 7 contracts bet?

I started to doubt my PAP pattern at this kind of market. as Monday ( Thankgod I don't trade ) y PAP failed again. AAPL even doing worse thing than GS

I planned conduct a research about XLF vs GS pattern and my hypotesis is strong.

GS movement likely created from XLF trade as GS is part of XLF.

My research will be like this:
1. XLF vs GS correlation
2. Strength / Weakness
3. Breakthrough

As AAPL I'd like to wait confirmation is it a dip or NASDAQ monthly behaviour.
AMZN pretty sure is a strong stock, more research in it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Day I almost blown up my account

Thursday 06/11 is the day I have to be remembered.

1st mistake :
I saw a PAP with Ratio emerged and entered before the candle formed perfectly.
Potential Loss : -$100 ( 2 contracts )
2nd mistake :
I don't cut loss early after saw PAP breakthrough against my position. My Loss become bigger
Potential Loss : -$260 ( 2 contracts )
How Fixed Things :
Suddenly I buy 3 contracts to cover my previous loss. If I cut loss early on previous contracts I should Net $25 maximum. Then comes another mistakes.
3rd mistakes :
I bought another PUT at peak and suddenly the market turned against me. My average cost $ 627.5 with 4 contracts and they never saw some lights.
I made a guts to buy 5 contracts ( 1 at the bottom ) CALL and dump my PUT slowly.
To make things shorts I managed to sell my PUT and CALL on top and make a little scratch.

1st mistake :
AAPL making a break-up suddenly break-down. I entered the break-down and going up again. My PAP ruined devastatingly.

Breakthrough faked 3 times and my entry lose also. Even I urn around and adding double contracts my position wasn't green. So I got out one by one and managed to book small loss.

How I hate yesterday market. RATIO not working, PAP've been faked.
Today expecting another choppy market. I don't dare taking too many profit. $20/contract will do nicely

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Profit on Trending Day

Nett Profit : $107.00

I must say I had a problem recognizing these trending day. Though my PAP both AAPL and GS gave me very good signal. Let's say fear haunted me today.

Stupid mistake I made when I defaulted 2 contracts buy and lack of internet gave met only $50 at Ratio. Damn!

$136 daily profit target over the next 2 days. I'm scared :)

Slow Darn Market

Net Profit : $74++

I have to say I am lucky. This kind of market won't let you ripped big profit. Again my PAP worked so well, it's just I am not so discipline yet. Loss potential profit : $60.

Today it's another slow market and I expect to play safe. Still using PAP with small profit taking.

Plants VS Zombies distracting my focus. Damn... The game is soo good.

Anyway, I still have 3 days left with $412 to go. That means $138 per day.

Time to fight...

Oh, I already break the pattern :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

What is your value of life?

My environment seems to have a worker life value. They don't seem to have a bigger dream. Worked well, retired, and die. That's it. Sure I may not generalize all people, but seeing their behaviour, who doesn't.

Everyone faking health receipt to get the money. Healthy alowance for them it's like secondary income. What the f%$ck !!!

Nobody in my environment had their secondary income bigger than their salary. It's good to be the first one ( later )

Value of life in my opinion is the foundation of happiness. Here's the foundation :

1. Love doing what you're doing
2. Freedom financially and healthy
3. Loved and be loved by the one you loved

Value is so important, don;t waste your short live time period with working something you don't like

$600 week

Net Profit : $112
Remaining : $488
Average/day left : $122

Not a bad start after enter wrong position ( BIDU !!! ) twice and lost -$105.

Anyway my PAP worked well. Too bad I don't exploit AAPL enough and GS still choppy as usual. My strategy is not changing but my P/L target is getting thinner.

Today I expect a good trending day. But who knows last week I had a disastrous loss. Break the PAttern !!!

Indicator worked : CL, XLF, TICK

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally Positive Week Ending

Total Profit $150++

PAP worked well, not fascinating but well enough.
I did concern about my losses these days. 1 Loser equals to 4 Winner. What a waste of time.

I breakdown my self analysis and came out with some hypotesis:

1. Profit Taking Too Early
2. Cut Loses Too Late
3. Averaging Up
4. Averaging Down
5. Too much contract

And the review of first week of June's market:

1. Choppy most of the time
2. Low volume ( GS )
3. Slow-Short Price movement

I recognized on Tuesday big lose not to repeat the same mistakes, and it pays. But again it's dangerous to hold your losing position too long.

Okay, here's my homework for next week market:

1. Recognizing market type fast. Is it trending,choppy,ranging (wide or narrow)
2. Setup strategy for those kind of market
3. Filtering Strong Stock ( I found AMZN, next... )
4. How not to lose too much ( losing $545++ at 4 hours is a not-funny-joke )

There's some obstacles:
1. Cash Account is like playing arcade machine with coin, when you spent it, you have to wait for tomorrow. It affect my mental and mind set. Imagine when you're losing, saw best setup ever in your life and then BAM!!!, not enough funds...Sh&# !!
2. My day job keep devouring my physic, mostly I just attend half-time market. I know the opportunity is on full time market especially when trending..sigh, again I hate my job.
3. My debt keep haunting me.

Next week target is I want to fulling my trading pot. Still I withdraw $50 daily wages. Then I need to win at least $600++ in one week. No Boombastic Target, just fill the pot full again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day Job VS Trading

If I had to choose one of them, definitely I'll got with the second one.

My day job surrounded with 'chicken' people who scared taking responsible for their own life. I can imagine working at the same position for 25 years. They give their valuable time to the company which didn't care about them.

But what is the response of the worker here is: They have dream. I believed that, but nobody dare to sacrifice it for a better hope. So much to tell about secure job and nobody dare take the risks for:
1. Family
2. Unsecured feeling
3. Public Opinion

Some of them doing half dream half work which is very frustrating. Can you imagine working 15 hours a day for 5 years?

Some of them saving their money for future business which is never come because lack of experience and commitment at the present. Business is not about capital and skill but also experience and commitment.

Some of them just life the live and spending all their money paying house that's too expensive, buy car, and anything else for a 'more than salary' standard living.

Public opinion is a very stupid things these days. When you quit your job, most of the time you had to lower your living standard. That's ordinary things but the pressure is so strong. Where's your car? Why you take public transport etc. The next thing you want to show you're success and you buy things unnecessary to impress them. Better car, better house which is sometimes hurt your financial. Only to impress your environment. And don't underestimate social pressure. It's very strong.

That's why a good career sometimes burden you chasing your dream.

I have seen so many people quit their job only to pursue another career at another company. Not to start their business at the young age. Sometimes the female worker quit for family but that's not the issue.

Very little people quit their excellent job for their dream, too much consideration.
too much security issue. People too chicken these days. That's Why I hate to become an employee

Entrepreneur is a disrespect job in my country especially when you start with a low capital. That's a shame because entrepreneur actually made jobs for other people. They should be greatly more apreciated than an executive employee

I must admit I plan to daytrade for a living and I will committed to these to the very end of my life. I paid myself min $50 per day for daytrading. I am an employee of myself and enjoy to life with it.

Of course there's a temptation to laugh and scream idiot to all the employee around me later after I'm success but what's the point? I think they already know they're stupid chicken anyway.

I just want to share with everybody who hate their job and make a real commitment to change it not. I want to share to somebody when they had to choose without a blink they'll choose their dream. I want to meet all of them. I want to meet who had same mindset.

And lastly I want to make a blog about people stupidity. Employee stupidity. I want to make report about new systematic slavery these days. And I will break it. I already see a little crack in my chain and everyday I will smash even my hand's bleeding until I am free tell to all the people in the world to smash it with their own hands.

Until we all free to enjoy the very short life of ours. My car is trading, what's yours?....

Repeated Behaviour Subconscious Mind

Nett Profit : $220++

Bear in mind on sideway market/ranging market best suit strategy is keep profit early and go to sleep.

I used my PAP system which worked too well indeed and scalp profit very soon to see GS trending so strong, and I know that because of no retracement after 11.00am.

AAPL also create a little profit from my PAP

OIH seems too slow for me.

The only regret I had is I have to go to sleep for my day job ( paid $20 per day)and market soaring without my presence. How I hate my job.

Today I won't push my luck and still using my PAP method with quick profit.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hang On at Turbulence

Slow Profit $ 54.50
I've to used choppy market and my PAP method failed me for half hour and 5 hours.
Learning from yesterday loss I keep in tight and managed to secure latent loss $300++.

Actually choppy market is a low stress trade as we don't have surging price action.

My strategy today is I'll take quick pofit when choppy. Still my PAP method worked. I just have to add more discipline in it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swept by silent waves

Net Loss around $545

I must admit I am not comfortable with choppy market. But there's no reason not to get used to it. And I still hate my day job anyway :)

I follow my system accordingly and my exit is very poor. Both my system broken down and how foolish I am anticipating breakthrough at the calm market.

Anyway I've improved my method and I'll still follow my system cautiously. Oh how I wish a perfect bear day.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Thoughts about my country

I live in a number one most corrupted country in the world.Can you guess it?
In my country moral hazzard is a common environment. Even cops/police in my country are more villain than any criminals in my country. I live in a country where people placed money higher than their life but like to spend more money than their income.

But I do love my country. The things is you had lot of money, my country is a paradise. But you had to keep low profile as hungry wolf aka. Government Bastard will attack you if they know you have tons of fresh meat.

Some place in my country had a very low life cost even with a $200 spend per month you still had a decent life. And when you thought that's a poor suburban place you're wrong. It's a high tech area with lot of hi-speed internet connection.

Here's the description of $200 spending:
1. $40 pay house-rent
2. $40 eating per month
3. $40 internet,water,electric bill
4. $30 insurance plus savings
5. $50 others

$200 is quite easy to make for one week trading.
the other 3 weeks is enjoy life.

I love my Country, I hate my job and I want to enjoy Life

PS: Imagine I had $2000 income per month then I'll live like a king in my country

June A New Light

After I had a decent profit in April, loss on May, there's no other choice. June must become my positive month.

The first day of the months marked with a decent $150 profit.

1. GS 5 Minutes Ratio Pattern worked very well indeed even I had to against the market.
2. AAPL double 20 min candle also worked well even I don't have guts to let my profit runs.
3. GS 11-12 o'clock breakthrough also worked very well with me only taking quarter the highest profit :(

Money Management Idea:

This month I'll use 'pay per day' method. Profit or Loss I'll pay myself minimum $50 per day. Of course I'll be paid more when I make over my initial equity. I come to this Idea after I loss my 2 weeks hard earned profit on May in 3 days. Yesterday I paid myself $81 which is 14% of my mothly salary.

God, make me keep humble and cautious as I will face the market every day.

Tomorrow I'll stick to my system and grab the profit early.