Friday, July 31, 2009

End of Month

Nett Profit : $158++

Closing the final week of July with negative result, I am more than happy my huge losses didn't hurt my psychology. Even I can't reach to Break Even, at least the losses won't spread.

And it's just a matter of time I recover my loss plus profit.

Happy weekend :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Result

Nett Profit : $343++

Bullish day, nothing to say except my overnight GS created 80% ROI :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Results

Nett Profit : $148++

Big Losses won't stop me sticking with the market. I bought GS for a reversal play. Besides it's low risk entry.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I knew this will come someday...

Nett Loss : -$811++

I need to update my market reading. QQQQ is the only reliable reading.
Very painful Stop Loss but if it didn't done I had to overnight additional loss $560++.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Results

Nett Profit : $84++

I feel no pain when overnight-ing my position today. Is it because I am on winning streak so my mental state need to take a break? This kind of psychology is dangerous. I had to be aware even for a little loss.

Friday, July 24, 2009

End Of Week Results

Nett Profit: $120++

I played QQQQ and quite happy with the results. It's just so orderly moved. Actually AMZN also make a decent move and succeeded grind some $$$.

Market Sentiment Bullish but pushing down from MSFT and AMZN result.

Have a happy weekend :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before Earning Trade

Nett Profit : $59++

Playing PUT on very bullish day. Enough for the day. I plan to play QQQQ post-earnign AMZN

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Dream

I have always dream to become a programmer. I love computer, every single one of them. Now my skill out of IT, my job out of IT.

After trading for a while I want to create a program for daytrading. Just for my own consumption. It will consist market strength, sector strength, time frame trading, Support Resistance, Daily Range, and the best thing is Neurological System Adjustment. It's like a memorable pattern from backdated data. It will consist Real Time % Profit Probability and keep updated with the market. The program will automatically reprocess the wrong decision and learn to make it better.

Right now it's just dream, but in the future I will get NOBEL for this product at least MILLIONAIRE. :)

$600 to go

Nett Profit : $130++

I am happy playing second liner stocks like AMZN. It's just follow where the other bluechip go. If not, you just have to wait.

QQQQ is playing divergence with it today and then BAM!!! less than 30minutes the AMZN made a new high after reaching new low.

The Market Reading EXTREMELY USEFUL for playing AMZN. And so far, I've never lost a single dime playing AMZN just merely looking at what QQQQ's doing.

Here's some characteristic of AMZN:
1. Time Frame movement
2. Follower underlying
3. Obvious S/R

Hope this posts help :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Review for Consistency

Until 22nd July I made a consistent result, 14 trades: 12 win, 2 lose (the total lose is only 1.1% from my account).

I am not doing this to showoff, but I just want to share what make me come this far, all of the aspect I know.

1. Selecting instrument : Liquid med-volatile Options: AMZN this far. Options don't need a sophiscated stop loss like let's say Future. If you want to risk let's say $300 per trade, then buying contract/s worth $300 will do you just fine. No worry about margin. I didn't say option is better, but it suits my psychology well.

2. Day Trading / Scalping. What's the weakness of options IMO is Time Decay. With day trading / scalping the Time Decay is not included. The Strength is Delta. Short story, Delta goes up when you're right, goes down when you're wrong. Example : Delta 0.6 when the underlying price goes to your way over $1 your option goes up maybe about $65 because the delta also goes up to 0.7. However my options goes -$50 because the Delta decresed to 0.5 when I was wrong.

3. Stock Behaviour and Market Reading. Combined it and you'll see the connection between QQQQ and AMZN for example.

4. Time Frame : The best time frame for me will be market open. Sometimes I finished trading at 10.00 am.

5. Trader Buddy, preferably the same underlying. The weakness is will be influence and opposite opinion. Managed it with Disclaimer and Rspect.

6. Market Rhytm and Almanac. Historical pattern sometime useful to add confidence on your trading. For example : Almanac showed bearish, Market weak bull, Nasdaq Mixed. My strategy simply shorting the Peak while monitoring the market.

7. There's also Psychology issue but nothing new. Tips : It's always make me feel good with profit even it's small and Pay me daily after trade worked for me. I will discuss it later.

8. Partial Profit is also best thing to do in this kind of market. Sometimes after partial profiting and my mood goes down, I simply closed it.

Sometimes I do stupid things, but knowing market and historical pattern back my position, I am more confidence doing it.

Hoped my shared would be helpful

Tuesday Results

Nett Profit : $78++

Funky market, supposed to go down but hit heavily by good earnings. Nobody want to short AMZN. Very choppy market.
Market was red, but AMZN was very strong.

$757 to go...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Passive Income

My passive income current:

I would like to increase to $195/month.
To do that, I need $3500

My active income will be $600 + $2000(est.) this month.
My liabilities total : $6000

My decision:
Passive income first, strike the highest interest liabilities.

Techinically my life cost is $180/month. I am FREE !!! kidding

$1000 journey

Nett Profit : $164++

To be truth I am happy with the result. I buy PUT, setting sell order, go to sleep with not so sound sleep (keep dreaming my position isn't getting filled). But I've never feel this confidence. Not like last week overnight position. I am determined to overnight if not getting filled.

The way I like buying option is it's not based on margin. You buy what you can afford to lose. Future need more money management strategy, and definitely need proper Stop Loss.

My target for the last 10 day trade is $1000. It's related with my dream. FREEDOM.
I know it won't be easy. But I believe.
$836 to go or avg. $92 per day

Friday, July 17, 2009

Playing With Expiration Day

Nett Profit : $47++

I just playing with choppy expiration day. No Big Deal, Low Risk Low Return.

Market quite messy today as IBM and GOOG become contrarian. Seemed GOOG is the winner.

Crazy Choppy Mixed Bloody Market Today.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Results

Nett Profit : $106++

Terribly Choppy:
Bonds = Red
Future = Green
Index = Red
Stock Catalyst : Green/Red
Commodity : Red
VIX : Red
TICK : Mixed

My profit came from OTM CALL options 14 contracts.
Why Call?
Futures far advanced from Index, and NDX turned green.
TICK mixed but mostly positive.
AAPL advancing made it divergence with AMZN.
MSFT and QQQQ even red kept advancing to green.

TYX Bonds and CL reached green zone briefly.

Why Exit?
Mixed market and faked breakthrough were friends. Getting out partially and exited at faked breakthrough was a good choice for exit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Results

Nett Profit : $352++

Biggest winning day since April 2009. And Of Course I play CALL :)
Please God, make me humble :)

No need

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reading Market

This article below helped me from devastating loss. I hope it's worked for you all

2 Days Results

13 Jul = Nett Profit $139++
14 Jul = Nett Loss -$31++

Okay, I cannot Blog Yesterday because the open pos. loss was so huge. And on Tuesday I can managed it back with small loss. My friend cannot do that because lack of Capital. Amount of Capital very important.

Here's Monday nightmare:
1. I managed booking $139++ with AMZN PUT.
2. Market reversed and I averaging down..1..2...5...10..20..50 CONTRACTS!!!
3. Chance to get out with -$150++ loss but missed it.
4. Position overnight with -$1250++ loss !!!

Tuesday fixed:
1. Exit the PUT partially with- $588++ loss
2. Entered the market again, this time flew with the market. 25 Contracts AMZN CALL
3. Exit gradually and managed with total -$31 loss.

Here's Monday Thought:
1. ALMANAC showed bullish especially at NASDAQ
2. Market Reading were slight Red at First, reversed started on 10.00am
3. TICK reading over 1000 every 60min, QQQQ over 0.60, MSFT over 0.80 gain every
market indicator Green except CL and 10 years BOND.
4. Summary : Absolute bullish while I maintain 50 contracts PUT !!!

Tuesday thoughts:
1. Market Red until 10.30 am but with future Green.
2. PPI showed inflation, GS beat expectation, DELL died
3. All BONDS, GOLD, CL absolute Green.
4. -TICK max only -700
5. +TICK after 10.30 over +1000
6. MSFT (-0.40++) and QQQQ (-0.20++) red before 10.30
7. QQQQ turned slight green and MSFT became -0.20++
8. Market reversal Confirmed and beautiful loss -$30++ :)

Tommorow :
1. INTC must beat expectation very HARD..!!!
2. And after looked at MW, I was RIGHT...!!!
3. Fade...fade...fade...PUT Rules :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

GOD still has Mercy on Me

Nett Profit : $142++

Today I made a sin, AVERAGING DOWN AGAIN!!!! EVEN WORSE!!!
My open loss reached -$1000++ and that's because averaging down.

My first trade using PAP brought very good results. $93++ with a very little capital.
And then disaster came. I bought AMZN liked crazy. 1..2..3..5...10...15..20 contracts!!!

The good thing is I managed to get my 2nd $1000 :) after my 1st $1000 lost in a week.

Keep fighting, keep trading..Happy weekend !!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Nett Profit : $150++

This was far from a good trade. I am AVERAGING DOWN AAPL heavily. I just know AAPL couldn't fall any further. Besides, there's Bullish Harami. According to my previous Post, only OIH doing very good result. While other not. AMZN also doing quite good.
--Unfortunately I didn't play OIH.
I didn't touch GS, too volatile.

Oh, and for you who just wonder why I called it a bad trade, well...when you're a trader, you'll understand it.


My Target Operation for Today. A Very Lucrative Trade.. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is your believe, the most important things in life

I've find my favourite blogger had a clash with another blogger which is quite famous.

You may find the conflict at my bloglist. And I can't stand not to write my opinion about this.

A $100.000 capital trader want to advice a $30.000 trader that he/she's not deserved to success. Well it's indirectly assaulted small capital trader like me.

IMO, trader with 50% return per year is normal. 100% return per year is good. over 100% is great.

Trader who seeked 20% return per year better find a good mutual funds and saves their time from trading. Your effort has more value than that.

In my country, $10.000 account with 50% return per year is enough fund living for a small family. That's around $400 per month.

A lot family here may live happily with income at $200 per month.

With proper education, mentally ready, hard training and good self-discipline, trading for a living is not impossible.

And that's not too hard to achieve. Of course you must have experience and skill, and mentally ready to trade.

And you may search additional income. It's also not too hard to obtain, especially if you are a smart profitable trader. :)

I don't know about $100.000 capital trader but $4000 per month ( assumed 50% return per year ) for me is very very large amount of money.

I don't limit my beliefs. My mind still open for possibility 1000% per year. But what I want to tell is, what's work with you doesn't have to work with anybody else.

And absolutely I am on the $30.000 trader side because I don't have $100.000 yet. Ha..ha

Wednesday Results

Nett Profit : $95++

GS : I played it right and too bad the market were Green at the first sight. Exit too early and loss more than $300 opportunity.

AMZN : Played PAP too and took small profit. Entered again and averaging down took, took another less profit.

DELL : Scratch as the Candlestick Pattern signal faked out. But it's sure a potential candidate for PAP and small gain.

Tuesday Result

Nett Profit : $77++

GS Story:
My Hi-Lo PAP formed perfectly and I entered approx 10 seconds before the candle formed. And in 20 seconds I cut lost $77. This is madness.
Story cut, I turned and managed getting 45++ profit.
Plus 2 times scalping added about $10.

AMZN story:
Play PUT first and got $10++ and the disaster came. I play contrarian and being hit to $230++ potential loss.
Waiting and had I chance to get out managed to profit $14

Moral of the story:
Play the one you understand, and careful with new idea. Best to paper trading first.
When you are losing because of cantrarian play, it's better to use Capital Preservation Strategy. If I stay with the market hoping take $200++ form market I will end up loss $-200 today.

New Idea:
I want to look at ATR as my extended strategy.

Happy trade

Monday, July 6, 2009

Watch Out For Market Gyrations

Nett Profit : $45++

The Trader's Almanac sure give a very valuable information. Indeed Market Gyration occured even not as drastic as I predicted.

I entered GS against the market and not too much swing ($40++) per contract and exit based on Time Frame. I am not comfortable waiting too long with open position, even it's in profit zone.

Oh, and the issue of the day, my IB or internet f&^%#d up. I am lucky to get out in profit with the condition. God, how I feel very angry. This is a conspiration!!!

I played AMZN also and was punished to Market close.

July I've already booked profit $54++ incl. commision excl. other fees

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How Important Money and Trade Management?

June in my opinion is not a good month for day trading. You may see interesting article in this

But June also the month I began to apply Trade and Money Management. I've already told about this in my previous posts. And the results surpassed other months performance, even though it's not fascinating but it's good.

Setting Up the trade and money management is very important to survive this business in the long run. It's also help you psycholgically especially when you made this for a living.

My money management is about to pay myself daily. I take some money from my trade aside and the feeling of being paid daily is good. My mental state refreshed every time I get this instant gratification. I learnt that from an audio-book called self-discipline. As an full-time employee, maybe my subconscious mind told me this is also a job cause you're getting paid daily.
And I also experienced the failure when not doing this.

Create and apply your own trade and money management what suit you best, IMO is also giving you edges in this trading business.

Still Focus

Nett Profit : $157++

I made a comeback and ended this week with $70++
Not a very good week but I still consistent with my goal, become a consistent profitable trader.

Prophet Chart on TOS keep annoying me and I decided to change to TOS Chart as it's not lagging.

Yesterday I will recap my trade on July with more detail. How Lazy I am..urgh :(

Have a good trade everyone

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad Day

Nett Loss = -$146++

I made lot bad decision:
1. Entered PAP faked out and reverse without seeing underlying price
2. Long Contrarian without enough signal (AAPL)
3. Terrible Cut loss with -$460++
4. Profit taking too early as I can manage the losses back

This is the worst loss for last 2 weeks (last loss =$139++) but still very manageable.

Things I regret was I don't exploit enough from Bearish Harami AMZN I loss opportunity about $350.

And also bad cut loss from GS.

The loss should be better or even became profit.

I will start managing my trade, better start my journal from today.

Not a Good Day

Nett Profit : $21++
Open Position : -$90++

Not a good day. I heard other people opionion and that's dangerous.

My open position was very vulnerable as first day of July is Bullish Tradition and it's getting real.

My mistakes:
1. I am not a swing trader, so overnight position made me nervous.
2. The open position in negative condition made my mind isn't clear, and my PAP failed
3. Hear other people opinion and made me swing is worse
4. I admitted I was little greedy as my winning trade getting thinner and thinner
5. I was also fear had a losing trade more than one week gain.

I should refreshed my mind and my mental state.