Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year Result 2011 Getting Ahead 2012

2011 is the best year of my trading journey so far. I profit far more than I loss for the last 3 years of trading. And there is none of my three years learning contribute the success.

Market change all the time. No trading technique that can be used forever and produce consistent result. Traders also common human, hard to change. They just stubbornly stick with their method or trading style. They felt like if they work hard enough it will come to fruition. Sadly market don't work that way.

Unlike other business trading the financial market took almost no effort to work. Only click buy and sell is not a work at all imo. So traders think if they work the market analysis they could do better. Well, if market don't change conditions so fast it may right. But the real dact is market change.

Most of people brain is destined to find a secure or comfort zone. Like if you find something that working, just do it over and over again till it is not working anymore. In business it can be done but in trading, it may cost you a fortune before you realized it.

In most of business when you work properly you wouldn't lost so much money. In trading business even if you work on its best you may still losing money. No other business require patience than become a trader in financial market.

So what is the secret of my success? Maybe it is luck, or just coincidence, or other? My answer is persistent at the right path. I also have confidence in my method that it can be done for long term. The logic is because now I never fight against the market. I fight the broker. And choosing your opponent may decide between life and death. Market is a big gigantic entity who move based on transaction,bid ask, everything. They settle and become the market. While broker is like a casion who gambling the price feed of the market. They are not directly participate the market but using the market as a model for their business. They create their own market but with world price market.

It is obvious fighting the smaller enemy will be much easier and so it seem. Most of traders looked like a John Wayne Cowboy fighting the real market with a bunch of ancient tools will never win in the long term. But me, picked the virtual market as my opponent and I study not the price or technical stuff or news, I studied the behaviour of my enemy and looked for a weakness which is never be existed at real market.

It is that time when I become a succesfull news trader and later...maybe an arbitrage trader :)

So my advice is " If you find something that make money even you don't like how it works, just do it. This is a business, not a hobby."

Wish you a better year of 2012 :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

You should keep your trading secret technique for yourself

Coca Cola kept their recipe as top class secret. Cigarettes company buy more kind of ingredients than they need to hide their sauce secret. Google will no way give their source codes to public. Toyota used thousands of supplier so their competitors cannot copy cat their product.

All big company in the world is keeping their business secret so why the hell you shared your technique to everybody? There is parity law in this world. Supply and Demand worked all the time, especially at financial market. If everybody do the same thing, the same trade then market will become efficient. Don't share your trading secret. Do you thinl Goldman Sach will happily publish their trading technique to public?

Be a professional, keep it secret.

Still Green Netting

The last two months had not very good for my trading. What I mean not good was not losing money. It just means I didn't have decent profit. Things I learnt from trading is, if you thought you did your best and still losing money, move on... don't waste anymore energy and time.

Market can ruin your life and brain. One year trading just for losing money is not what we are here. We just might spending all our money to the charity rather than to the market. You are worse human being than a unemployed people. At least they don't burn the money at the market.

After more than 4 years I watched other traders in my sight, Never once I saw a consistent profitable trader. Not once!!! I kinda doubt there is profitable trader out there who make profit consistently. Accept the fact and quit trading!!! Don't lose anymore money to the market.

If you want to profit at the market, there is no way you trade every day. Day trader is the worst career in the world. Unless you have top notch education, tools, and right mindset, you can kiss a goodbye to your trading career.

2012 is coming and I saw bright futures for my trading career. I changed my style and never looked back. This year I made profit far more than I losed in the last 3 years. And sure as hell I won't tell anyone the secret.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Give you guys some proof!!!

Why work so hard if there's easier way to profit?