Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now I already know four forex brokers with guaranteed fill feature. My old brokers still doing good for me even with lot of protection inside. At least they pay their client's profit.

My percentage profit even can exceed the best fund manager in the world. I am not kidding. I am cheating. Easily reaped 200 percent in two months and still counting. Have $100.000 money in a queue to exploit this hole. Very few people know this tricks. Even they knew it, most of them didin't believe how crazy this stuff.

I joined forex news forum and they're willing to kill for knowing only one of the broker. I knew five and still counting. All of them were regulated and their own building. Shits happened sometimes but in the long run, news trader at the right broker can make zillions of money easily. For them 50 percents per month is mediocre result. I have experienced it too, and I never had less than 50 percents trading this method.

Making money's never been this easy :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News Trading Revelation

I was stupid enough avoiding the news release when trading and lost lot of money. I was firmly believe that Price Action is the holy grail of trading and be cocky about my method, my discipline and again, lost a lot of money.

I was playing safe like almost all trader guru in the world taught and thinking that continuous learning, patience, and discipline will prevail and lost a lot of money, little by little.

I hate all overpriced bucket shop brokers, looking for the cheapest, secure, famous one to trade, and again lost a lot of money.

I thought that overtime I would someday beat the market with my own hand and after three years, lost a lot of money.

I was firmly believe that honesty, integrity, and fairness in trading soon will pay and lost a lot of money.

I used to be full of doubt every day when start trading, playing give and take all day long and realized give much more than take.

I used to be frustrated when market was so quiet, or when so volatile. Sometimes angry when missing the boat that only Gods when and where to go and lost a lot of money.

I used to blame the market not giving clear direction and when it does, most of time I was not there.

I was so tired being chopped heavily by tiny cutloss and when it finally moved, I was not there.

I used to get stopped out by fast retracement and missing the great move.

I used to fight myself over and over again and lost a lot of money.

I used to have long research and ended with random trades and lost money.

I used to stay on market for only stopped out at the worst price over and over again.


I am looking for broker's weakness hole, exploiting it, and make a lot of money

I keep searching new broker to exploit, do it, and make a lot of money

I used big lots sometimes full margin to trade and make a lot of money

I exepriment with broker's lagging data, spike price, holes on feature and make a lot of money

I only stay on market in very short time and make a lot of money

No more Trading Methods discovery, Back testing manually, and other tiring activity.

Now my activity is:
- Meeting Broker's Representative to talk about trading rules and feature
- Testing a lot of broker that can be cheated
- Meeting prospecting investor
- Sharing commission and other dealing
- Looking for cheating tools on internet
- Chatting with other's tech trader
- Finding crackholes after broker's keep fixing their problem

RESULT : $45000 in three months!!!

So what the hell am I doing for three years? This method is actually the best method I've ever seen, easy to use, and also, the most secret things is to hide the cash cow broker from public.

If you keep fighting with your own power against the market, forget it. I give one tips : It's easier to fight your broker than the entire world.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi sean,
Thank you for interested in scalpandswing. It's an honour if you don't mind promoting my blog.
I don't understand about syndicating or rss feed but you can do whatever you think what's best for your site and my blog.
Best Regard,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forex News Trading My Final Choice

Three years of my trading journey, never saw news trading so lucrative like ever before.

Like all other methods, News Trading is not suitable for everybody, but it suits me perfectly and it's like finding my true love in Trading.

Here's some reasons I found out why I love news trading:

1. Specific time to trade
Don't get me wrong. I love watching screen all the time. But more times, I was also distracted by the screen. I think lot of traders experienced this. It's like to hold the temptation, boredom, for hours. After a long wait, the result sometimes is not good. It frustrates me and looking the chart like it's laughing at me. The temptation is very big.

Well, how bout news trader?
You don't have those temptation. Sometimes even if I lose the trade, then that's it. Nothing you can do anymore than waiting for next event. It actually more healthy that I just trade only when it's time to trade. With technical analysis, you'll never know what time you want to trade and it frustrating.

Even when you failed on news, you can't do anything at all. And trust me, overtime the effect will dissappear and you can trade with clear head again. You don't do it voluntarily or by your intention. You HAVE TO DO IT!!!

2. Using various tools
I am not so fond of Trading with Robot, but I love trading using various tools. A high tech trader armed with unconventional and unique tools. Make me different from others. Love it.

3. Still lot of potential
News trader have been lurking a long time, but not in my country. I already find two guaranteed fills broker and lots of local broker waiting to exploit. Since there's not much news trader in my country (even I can't even find local forum about it). And here's the interesting story. Most savvy and high tech trader don't even touch the local brokerage. They hate it like a plague. Why? The wide spread and big commission at the first look. Like my old local brokerage, one round turn per lot took 3 wide spreads on normal market and $20 commission add. And it's one of the cheapest product!!!

And I had the best performance in this broker with all those expensive cost. For me now, 50% profit per month is not good enough! First month = more than 100%! Second Month = 70%!Third Month = already 50%!

3. Exciting and Being Different
You know what's the feeling making 50% profit in less than one minute? I mean how do you feel if your account raised from $10000 to $15000 in matter of seconds? I felt it and damn it's like an adrenaline boost combine with steroids. Love it! Every seconds worth and all of a sudden, everything you prepared is done. And to make a boast like making $12000 in 5 seconds is like become a God between your friend.

4. Morality Satisfaction
The company already change 2 rules in just 2 months for the last 5 years. I admit I was happy stealing some money from crooked broker. It's like able to beat a greedy evil giant slapped it with my little hand. Total satisfaction.

Since the method is no more than exploit broker's weak holes, there's no way I shared the secret whatsoever. I mean if everybody knew this, they'll flood the broker and stop my cash cow. There's no company in this world could stand man's greedy. I will milk it little by little, make it in disguised and continuously looking more opportunities.

If you play fair, it means you fight the whole world against you. Now, I just fight one single local broker. Which one is easier :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Broker Hunting

Monday I will start to hunt stupid forex broker for news trading. Start from today, I will gain my knowledge on news trading from various sources and become the expert in this category. Since I was in a developed country with lot of Forex Brokers with holes on their system then I believe I can profit from this journey.

NFP Experience

Most of you avoid Bucket Shop Broker with Expensive Commission.
Not Me :)

1. Guaranteed Fill Price On Your Stop Order
2. Max 5 pips fixed spread (major currency) during every news
3. minimum 10 pips only Stop Order from running price

This broker has already lost around US$1.5 million from this play in 6 months and it paid all of the money in one day.

Do you want to know which broker I used?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Eat that you bloodsucker cheating broker!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NEWS!!! The ultimate way to make profits!!!

If you have been brainwashed by propaganda that news event is dangerous for trading FOREX, you're WRONG!!!

For the past one month I have been busy researching for news trading and other projects. And the result is phenomenal. With iron-clad disciplined and extensive research for suitable broker, I have been found one conclusion:

NEWS TRADING IS THE EASIEST AND MOST PROFITABLE TRADING I have ever seen for 3 years of my trading career.

Of course it doesn't mean that you will make 100% profit everytime. I have that one method but more on that later. But with unbinded discipline, you can profit from news event.

For the past one month, the trading news method already profit over 80% from the account I managed. Lat month I made 100% in 2 weeks!!. From max profit up to $5000 per trade to max drawdown to -$3000. The drawdwon actually caused more from technical failure. 6 out of 10 I made profit. 4 of them with 3 not trade and 1 losses.

Here's the proof of the latest method I developed:


And it's still far from perfect. I already developed new calculation and it sure more profitable than this.

That's why Forex Broker Hate News
The rules already change 2 times after I made all of the profit. None of them seemed effective enough to prevent me keep

I also developed risk free forex trading method that the only risk is the bankruptcy of broker and...that's it. Target profit 70%-100% per year.

None of the involved Technical Analysis.

I am not saying TA is bad, but for me it's very difficult to master. You have to learn dynamic market condition, long hour screening time, withstand the drawdown period, and so on. I experienced with Crude Oil, it's like mission impossible to make profit. Price like random shit and after 10 to 12 stop out when you lose your patience, price moved...Never know when and how far. Maybe lot of people have consistent profit so far but for me it's like wasting time.

News is different. It had exact schedule, historical jump price, and it definitely move the market. The wrong conception of trading news is people tend to predict the direction of news. You don't have to predict to make money.

If anyone asked which broker let it happened, forget it. This is my gold mine and I won't let anyone touch it. I just want to tell you that NEWS is the best way to make money in the right broker of course :)