Friday, September 19, 2014

Aim Big, Make a New Norm

I haven't reached my goal this year. To achieve One Million US$ annually I need on average 4k per day. I haven't even made 250k so far. It is improvement from last year of course, but for achieving my main goal for the rest of 3.5 months? I don't think it will happen.

But who care about it anyway? I don't have boss to do what I have to do. Everything is up to me, noone push me to win the objective except myself. So, why does we need goals if nothing happen whether you achieve it or not.

The answer is quite radical. It is because we need to set our subconscious mind to the higher level. If we put our goal, we write it, then slowly without realizing it, the universe will help us to get it. Statement above is my daily trading now. Total is 6k profit and it happened just recently. Suddenly my goal is not just a dream anymore.

I truly believe we can get everything we want, if we are ready. Most people are just not ready to get it. Then they will give up and dump their dreams. Money, Fame, Power, will make us worse than what we are today if we are not ready. Many lottery winners have their life destroyed though they have tons of money. Because they are not ready.

I have faith that I will get what I deserve. I keep my trading without doing any damage force to my trading. Because I know I will get it when I am ready. The goal is planted in my brain, and I just flowing with the universe. No regret I didn't fill my mission. Maybe I am not ready yet. But the universe around me is working on it. And up to now, my brain already accept the 5k daily is the new normalcy. My standard is getting higher and I am getting ready.

And suddenly, 100k monthly is not overwhelming anymore.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 reflection and 2014 plan

Here are three statements of my accounts. I run more than 30 accounts and I think I made around US$200k annually.

Started from 2007 and now 2014, hardwork pays. Technically I become profitable trade since 2011 up till 2013. While 2011 is a recovery from 4 years of losses.

I am losing tracks of how much I made so far but it's really beyond my dreams. I even dont have to trade at all because I have assistance to do the stuff. 80% of my income is passive income and the other 20% is from trading manually.

I kept monitoring other blogger and I have to say none of them have good results. Doesn't mean to show off, this post intende to raise all traders motivations.

here's my past post about my silly dream:

It is way beyond my goals now and will not slowing down in 2014

My 2014 target is making US$ 1.000.000 annually

Here is my how-to-achieve lists:
1. Expansion from old strategy
2. More offensive in terms of trades
3, Back to old school day trading, I am ready!!
4. New EA
5. Operating own brokerage firm..this is very crazy dream..haha

All in past years have been a journey. I can quit now and enjoy a decent live with same thing as last year. Or I can do more and broadened my golas not just financially goal but also to other aspects of life. I am 34 years old, soon to have a baby at end of January, and there will be challenge ahead.

To all of you traders out there, HAPPY PROFITABLE NEW YEAR 2014 and if I can do it, You all can. God Bless..