Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day Of August

Nett Profit : $97++

Do you see the circle on AMZN and QQQQ. It's divergence when QQQQ made the double bottom, AMZN refused to do so. And that's the good sign of CALL.

Market Feeling:
Tomorrow will be a bull's head so Market seemed to ran out of BEAR. The Falling only came the first 30 min and then SLOWLY UP SIDEWAY !!!.

GS meanwhile became a market leader these days. Today's good for Scaling Down Play.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This One Should Remember :

Even last night was a disaster, I'll shall note my trade:
2. And then I'll start my improvement notes:
a. Beware of Market Reversal, especially when gap occured.
b. Focus on market each minute. The Theme may change and I must change too.
c. 30 min candlestick, tell me a lot.
d. Go with the market, and stick with the market.
e. Scaling down still work, though be careful with market reversal.
f. Volume is important.
g. Clear the position if Profit reached $100 when doing contrarian scaling down.
h. Time Frame is important.
i. Market Reading is still the best tools out there. You know what to do.
j. Make a detail journal.

That's for now, I feel much relieve now. See you at the TOP :)

Great Loss

Nett Loss : -$1138++

All Right, No more mediocre profit. Next Month I will double my account. We'll see.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Reply from Great Trader

Ziad said...
Hi De'Trader,

Your trading method sounds very good to me. And your win rate is unbelievable! Good job man....

Good to see this reply over and over again. I don't care about narcist. I just care about making money...

Thursday Result

Nett Profit : $178++

I don't know what to say. Old school style again. No News, Flat Bear, Negative TICK. Market seemed too direct these days. Good Trade.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Result

Nett Profit : $122++

Market Theme was slight bearish and then came the new house news rocketing the price. Like yesterday, after rocketing price went down to centre point ($84).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Result

Nett Profit : $201++

Consumer Confidence was very good, Price jumped up irrational and got out at decent rational target. Price shot out $50 over my target and reversed suddenly. Got out already...Good Trade Today

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Result

Nett Profit : $144++

Old school style. Enter Call, go with the market, AMZN went down, keep scaling down. The result is quite moderate. oh and QQQQ, it made divergence with AMZN.

Happy Trade

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Expiration Day

Nett Profit : $166++

I should not push my luck as today is expiration day. This week is the BEST WEEK RESULT, $800++.

Have a nice weekend

Edge on Money Management

The Edge isn't always about trading method. Applying how you use your account is also an edge, It's a very powerful edge. Let's make an illustration:

Let's say you start with $10000, and for the first week you made $500 which is very good. Then your account must be $10500. Second week you made $500 again and now your account will be $11000. This is where disaster begin. Your brain told you now you had a $11000 on your account and you may tolerance your trade. You trade and losses $200. Your account now $10800. No Big deal...Next day you did the same again until you realized your account goes back to $10000 or even worse less than that. Now you are hurt wonder where the hell your profit go. You cursed and feeling pain and your mental state is destabilize. This goes on and on and on...take and give game, only your account is depleted because of commision.

I don't know what kind of syndrom is this but it happened to me before. I was once up $1000 on my account in less than 2 weeks. I became complacency and much forgiving with my trade. In just 3 days I lost all my profit.

This is when I came to conclusion that I had trouble with success. I had a mental block in this. So I figured out how to overcame these.

I tracked back where I had the most winning probability based on my account position. And it's at the Starting Account. So everytime I made profit I moved to another account and reset to Starting Account.

If I had a losing trade then my tolerance is 5% from my losing account. If I had $10000 than my tolerance would be $9500. That's not all. The next strategy is pay myself daily, depending on my Account. Let's say today I made $100 and the account is $10100. So I moved my $100 to my other account. But if I loss let's say my account became $9900, than I paid myself $50. There's a tolerance that below $9500 I won't get paid.

With this method I kept position myself at the edge. If I trade bad, I won't get paid. It's like I had an invisible boss. And also by 'paying me daily' method I take instant gratification everytime I make a good job. The bad thing is I never got a windfall profit with this method, but it's okay. The objective is Capital Preservation.

The first time I used the method I had 3.16% return monthly, which is a good start. The month after that I made 11.16%. This August I already booked 11.66% from my initial Capital.

I hope my share will help you through your trading journey.

Wish you the best of luck

Let's Trade

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Results

Nett Profit : $100++

At least I maintained my 3 digit policy (except last Tuesday when I got home late and FOMC on schedule at 13.30 pm)
The market is sooo quiet,slow, and very iritating. I decided to low my profit target and chase it on minimum target. It's not like I can't get more. It's just the effort not worth the result.

Called it today. Wish U Have a Good Trade

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

$2000 withdrawal

Today I withdraw $2000 from my profit. Making it good habit to draw your profit. It's gratification for your work.

Wednesday Result

Nett Profit : $211++

Market Reversal seemed like my speciality. My trade doing so good but I know my limit. Lacked of sleep last 2 days. Time to Rest..

Great Trade :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Profit

Nett Profit : $231++

Bad Trade, Good Result...My Averaging Down max loss over $1000, max profit $640. Realized only $106++.
This trick is very dangerous, once slipped out, get ready to loss more than 1 week profit.

Notes : I cut my overnight call today. 1 more to go...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Do you know what is this????

The picture next to the Day is Bull's Head. 4 straight Bulls and 2 of them had already pathetically failed?
I mean when you saw the almanac, where's the date with 4 straight bulls?
I bet on the last two days... It's BULLS**T

Monday Bad Result

Nett Profit : $103++

This is stupid. I should clear my position while I can. But I am convinced that my open poosition will profit tomorrow. Stupid Trade...!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

What Am I Doing These Days???

I've been doing reckless trade, the last pinacle would be on Friday Trade. I place CALL at a super bearish market and make a decent profit. Why am I doing this? I didn't scare at all. I felt so confidence against the market. I knew I'll made profit. That's it. Is it called bias? It's just my instinct and someday maybe it'll fail me.

It's better flow with the market....

Half Month Target Achieved :)

Nett Profit : $188++

I am happy,
played contrarian (looked at almanac) and finished $38++ over the target.
Have a great weekend...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Result

Nett Profit : $119++

A Battle of Wits between me and AMZN. I am on the market side while AMZN decide against them. Using my Averaging Style, I kill the AMZN at last :)

Improvement Notes: It's better to follow the AMZN side, faster but riskier.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Defining my Edge...

I don't know if it's called trading-edge, but 85% winning ratio for the last 30 days trading sure mean something. I don't intend to show-off, just share how I trade lately. Okay, here's my 'edge' :
1. Market Reading : Futures,Index,Bonds,Oil,Gold,Sector,TICK,VIX some of my indicator how market behave especially the first hour. There will be multiple scenario like
a. Mixed indicator with weak future, market tend to chopped
b. Align indicator, market tend to trending.
This is just guidance, and give more confidence if I go with the market.
2. Support Resistance : AMZN had a clear S/R and tend to go to .50 price. This is important cos lot of bottom/peak go to this number.
3. Time Frame : My best time will be first hour of trading. My underlying tend to follow the market and it's quicker profit taking (or losing).
4. Partial profit and scalping : I hate winning trade become losing so partial profit very good for my mental state as I took off the money first. That's the most importance thing about trading. Profiting. Scalp half my position and let my profit run.
5. Averaging mostly down : I know this is very dangerous strategy but very high..VERY HIGH probability especially if you go with the market. I averaging down 3 times on 3 pit stop with different strike price. My first entry will be low delta cause it had lower probability. 2nd entry with higher delta after it went down to next pit stop. 3rd entry will be averaging down my 1st position.
Exit very fast with low margin because it's just Capital Preservation
( Notes : I knew AMZN because it tend to pullback to .50 pricing so that's my profit taking point. And it worked a lot. Just don't greedy, oh and option price mean a lot at this point )
6. Stop Loss : I hate Mediocre Stop Loss. Why? I think this is the new stupid advice of trading. When lot of people using stop loss then you know who took the stop loss and ride your direction. Do I take loss? Of Course!!! but not in the way most people do. I took huge STOP LOSS which only trigger 1 time in 22 day trade. It's contrarian with my posting here. But the things is Smart Stop Loss is the one never got triggered. So, be smart for your stop. I will discuss it later.
7. ATR or Average True Ratio Daily..this is important because you don't want to go long at $2 HI-LO when the ATR is 2.15, especially at early hour.
8. Adjusting position. This consider to be Loss Management also. Adding and Reducing position is important. Option had different strike so adjusting here like lower probability entry will be lower strike, higher probability entry will be higher strike. I LOVE OPTIONS :)
10. ALMANAC, History repeat itself
11. Anticipating NEWS and EVENT

There's some of my edge, I also had uninterpreted called instinct. I hope my share will be useful for your trade also.

Good Trade

Wednesday FED CAUSE !!!

Nett Profit : $61++

I came home around 11 am and watching the Big Rally without my participation. So I scalp and cut at barb wire, worst barb wire I've ever seen. FED Cause...!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Result

Nett Profit : $239++

I have to say I am "ON FIRE" right now. Trading with confidence, entering two sides and profit from counter-trend also. This is AMZN...

Monday, August 10, 2009

No Trades On Monday

out of city, out of trade. Back on Tuesday

Friday, August 7, 2009

Failed Target Achieved

Nett Profit : $171++

Lacked $70++ or 15% below target for the week. Enough.., this kind of market started to scare me

Happy Weekend :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still 3 Digit..

Nett Profit : $113++

I refused taking profit below $100. And I made my daily goal today. Still below the weekly target and I planned to catch it tomorrow. -$245 in one day, challenge...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Art of PUT & CALL

Nett Profit : $127++

Market especially turned very bearish esp. AMZN
why PUT? Obvious especially when QQQQ suddenly going down with haste. Exit because Time Frame.
why CALL? AMZN almost touch the ATR so I kept averaging down to get a little profit. Exit signal from target profit.

What to improve? Better get used to leave 1 contract for streching or scraching.


In my culture, jobless is a cursed. Quitting from your job and go with your dream is even worse. I am in the verge of quitting my job and fulfill my dream. 4 times salary last month is more than enough reason to do it. But fear still engulfing me a little bit. It's like out of your comfort zone and confront the world with courage.

You know it's a normal thing to quit your job, especially if your job sucks. But I have a job everyone poor people dream of. Car,incentive,unlimited health security and lot of your job is signing paperwork. The money is very good. Better if you steal a little money from your company. So many good things in my job.

But I am different, sooner or later I will quit my job. I will start my journey fresh, as a independent,fearless person. I know most of people become a**hole especially including money. This world is sick, time to create my own world.

My mission is to make a hell amount of money, carving my body to the best, enjoy my life with friends, participate directly in social event. That's my dream.
You know I had never enjoyed become an employee. I hate it. I am not a slave. I am free people. Doing what I want. I don't need status, title, ranked or anything else. I need MONEY, friend and love. Hell I don't even need family

Let's Trade

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 Digit Policy

Nett Profit : $110++

My target right now is 3 digit profit. Next target $200 per day. I know I have to stretch myself to the maximum.

God helped me. I felt exhausted and stopped trading around 12.00am. If I still trading I will take CALL which is a disaster. I had to be more careful.

Many Thoughts...

I had a bad trade yesterday, not mention profit to loss. Maybe I pushed myself too hard. Or I don't deserve the reward. Maybe I am greedy. But this doesn't stop me reach my goal. This month I will wipe out my year to date losses. That's mean my average winning must be $120 /day with no losses at all. I know this is a tough chalenge. Last month I made $1670, if the blown out loss won't happen, my profit will be $2481 which is very reasonable. Here's what I'll do.
1. Breaking my limiting belief. Start to get used with 3 digit winning. I won't accept 2 digit winning.
2. Increase my contract. Decrease my entry. This is essential to make a confidence state.
3. Write more complete journal
4. Live happily, Consider quit my job and do something else more important.

That's it...Let's Trade

Monday, August 3, 2009

Profit Turned Loss

Nett Loss : -$95++

This is madness. I turned $177++ profit to -$95. I only had objective to make $200 profit and the outcome was so bad.

The loss is considerable small but it hurts me a lot. Here's what I should do:
1. Priority keep my account back to normal.
2. Objective will be 3 digit first, not $200.
3. Raising my daily wages.