Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Those of You who still struggles

As I become News Trader and after dozens account being blacklisted I still stay with my profession. Looking back on how many people struggling at the market annoys me very much. It's so freakin difficult to dance with the market. No methods work everytime. That's for sure.

Looked at some of the blogs which I fond half a year ago make me come to this perspective:

Trading is 99% is a failure, especially for daytrading. I am not saying the method won't work. It's just not working everytime. Difficulties for consistencies, never mind that all account was destined to go to die, only a matter of time.

I have been consitently profitable since the first month I trade on May 2011. This month is the worst of all but still can make profit. How on earth I can make consistent profit with the method I learnt only in less than one month while the method I learnt for almost a year give me terrible result? Six months consistent profit!!! And there's nothing related with Technical Analysis.

You may wonder why it can happen? The only valid reason is because I choose to dance with the broker, not the market. Pick your enemy, and pick it wisely. Why so stubborn doing the futile way over and over again like you can conquer the market? Harvard Professor don't just come out with Efficiency Market Theory out of the blue. It's True. As an ex-conventional trader, it is true. But the theory won't apply to me because I am not dancing with the market.

It's not your fault, it's not your mistakes, it's nothing wrong with you. The market just designed to steal your money. Don't fight against it, useless, been there, accept my defeat, and go on to the new revelation: PROFESSIONAL NEWS TRADER

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I posted in my old blog since I wanted more people read my thought here.

It has been 4 months since I started the news trading. It has been so exciting, fun, and profitable. How to trick the brokers, looked good (aka. floating losses) in broker's eye and actually become a cancer little by little. Last time I successfully tricked the broker's server, pretending I locked my position because of losses, which is most of client's doing. So I had 2lots long losing position on AUD and short position. Now, here's the trick...

My manager told me that the company still wanted to have a good image at their trader's eye. After slipped rules occured, the Director told that the stop loss of the clients still safe. Of course he knew that there'll be waves of complaining and bad words if there's some clients who got slipped 30 pips on their stop loss.

So, he told manager that do not be afraid coz the stop loss will be executed at the same price, while new order will be slipped. So what am I doing with this information? I locked the losing position with short and place stop losses on max number. Losing means I hedged on other broker and eating the swap points. Overall I am still in green :)
I think the server've been fooled, thinking the account is amateurish and viola!!!!! It worked again like new :)

Fortunately God won't allowed me to become a hacker. I may become the most dangerous hacker in the world.

The door is opened again, and it's better than ever before. Pity the broker to hire me as their employee.