Saturday, February 9, 2013

Long time no see

Hello to all traders around the world. not updating my blog doesnt mean i quit trading. Life has never been easy. Money though not so much, I can live beyond my expectation. My ultimate goal is making 100k monthly from trading. I believe I can reach that level in two years. Today I still stuck around 10k monthly. But every month i made money for sure.

At this moment i am virtually have passive income with very little work to do. for me every day is sunday. I live comfortably and every month I picked up money like I have my own money tree. My job now is mainly growing more trees and pick the fruits every month. 

But with all this comfort and happiness I am still unease. I accumulate capital to start my own business. never satisfied what I have doesn't mean greedy.  There will be more and more dreams to achieve. 

Now I am in the state of not afraid of losing money. Because every month I will get it back. I experienced of have nothing. The only fear is temptation to spend money too much for personal pleasure or consumerism.

Lessons I learnt so far that make me today:
1. Keep secret the recipe. imagine if apple declared their iphone technology, every company will create the clone and of course will hurt their sales.

2. Be flexible. remember the world is runing fast. be agile too. Don't stuck too long at not working thing. I fast cut the unprofitable method even before they make tons of money. No loyalty for me. Cut the weak, exploit the strong. That's the law.

3. New idea every day. I cannot be like this if I am satisfied too soon. My mind always working for new ideas and method. new broker. New product. take action even when you are at the top of your performance. i always leave my competitors in terms of technology. That is why I keep outperform them.

4. Detailed monitoring. always analyze everything even when you profit. I did this recently and find out the broker cheat me even I make profit. next time i already have pre cautious move and avoid big losses.

5. Be smart. knowing your broker will never let u profiting forever so trick them!! Don't be paranoid every moment unless it prove otherwise. This tips only valid at dealing desk broker.

Trading is already become part of my life.And life never been so easy...