Monday, May 30, 2011

Just a Quick Thought

Read the nice post of Julia I'd like to share my thought.

Now I am working double job. At the morning I was a marketing of super-wide-spread-and-expensive-commission. Night I trade Crude Oil as I used to do. My performance still bad as usual, but not too worrying. I don't really care about my morning's job. I just can't stand eat other's people money from the exepnsive commission. I just have my own project on that, wating right moment to strike.

Meanwhile my CL trade is just sucks. This beast is heavily contaminated by algo trading that infect ES once. There's still chance making money, but getting harder and harder.

The interesting part is, I had better life working at the morning. I don't care about my monthly salary. I thought I was a loner but in fact I still need social interactions. No matter how hermit I am, I still need talking to other people. It's good for my mental health.

Day trading alone without interaction and no direct social contact is not suitable for me at all. In fact I still need other people to talk to. Enough said...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Farewell to all my friends

I never good on trading, never will. But I know what I am good at. Manipulating broken broker like this, exploiting the hole of the system, finding new ways a new crack on trading platform. There's lot in my country stupid broker like this. How I never realized it? 100% profit less than 2 weeks? All in six trades only? 70% winning ratio with risk reward more than 5:1? Sometimes 11:1 depending on news.

Now it means serious business. I went all out. I become their full-time broker, I will eat fat commission, acumulating new funds, paid people to execute the trade, everything. I will do everything to make fast money with low risk, lower cause I eat ridicilous commission as broker. But since everyone is profit, nobody's complain. Except my broker of course. Now it's my time, even the hole was closed now, I have Plan B to Z to exploit it over and over again. It's my time.

So long my friend, if you never heard of me again, then probably I have been killed by the broker company lol...