Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free yourselves from old habit

Most of us going through this life cycle. Go to school, college, then work. We are programmed to do this for almost our whole lifes.

As students, we are programmed to attend classes, study, and doing homework. As workers, pretty much the same. Attend to office, do assignment, etc. Our brains are forced to do this daily routine every day.

We also programmed to receive instant awards. We study, make homework done, then we will receive good grades. At work, we work hard, finish project, then we have our paid. Of course not all jobs like this, but most of it is.

While there is nothing wrong with all of this, it may become big problems in trading world.

This is not our regular world anymore. Hard working is useless, Full focus is dangerous, fully attachment is deadly. If you watch Oscar winner movies  "A Beautiful Mind" when Russel Crowe seeing weird things. That's may happen to us too. We seeing things look loke profit pattern while in fact it's just our halucination.

To be succesful in trading you must have patience beyond normal. You must withstand the pain of not doing anything while must standing guard. Embrace the pain of your long waiting did not pay at all. It is the mentality of a sniper you must have. Waiting the right moment when there is no guarantee the moment is right.

When your mind is wired to all of those, then you are ready to make money consistently.