Thursday, March 22, 2012

Made 11k on Thursday

Easy as it is, good news buy, bad news short. No need stay at monitor all day, Not even every day. Just stay at the right time and made money.

To become profitable day trader you need nerve like a steel or made lot of profits already. Eliminate gambler's alert, that's it. You know why prop trader make more money? Because they trade other people's money. No emotional involved with the money.

I can become sucessful day trader if I want to. But why need the urge? I can easily made 3-5 percent monthly without risk too.

I saw other blog made resolution every time they made bad trade, just to break it over and over again. Very few profitable traders that blogging regularly. Only aspiring trader like me before who think become better and better each day. You are not. You just made rat race on your trading account. I have experienced that too. If you still have a regret missing the big move, you are not ready.

The urge to trade every day also reasoned why begineers failed. Trade when there's only movement. Don't trade when price is dull. That's it. You will make money if you trade only when there is good volatility in market even only with simple MACD signal. Now you just need a good indicator to identify early volatility. For me, if I have so many requotes on my Gold Trade then it means volatile.

Now I spent more money for my pleasure then on market. It's much much cheaper really :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

No Trade, So What?

I have been learning that not everyday give same opportunity. I gave up all my manual trades to Automatic Trading or Methodical Trading such as news. If there is no big news or no trade on my Robot so what. I did trade for making money not trading for the sake of trading.

I spent some of my profit for my personal pleasure. And it is even much much cheaper than trading recklessly. Sometimes I trade lightly if there is some 80% probability from my signal. I detached completely with the money on the trade. I trade for making money, not even slightly bad emotion if my trade gone bad. I already preserve so much that it won't hurt unless I choose to hurt myself.

I used to despised robotic trading but now I did it. Some brokers won't let robot and I wonder why. It's because robot can defeat the bucketshop. So, why not using robot?