Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Neverending Dark Trading

Dark Trading which I applied right now means I exploit broker weaknesses. I don't trade against the market. I trade against the broker. This trading is so secret include method, tools, software, EA, broker I used, and even the results. This is the best trading method for me. My trading is just looking for new broker almost every month, looking for its weakness and exploit it.Sometimes I found new method and my trading keep evolving. Regular trader usually depends on chart, price action, momentum, or event. While my trades depend on just say I made money at volatile market. And not trading at silent market. I am not a day trader, means I didn't trade everyday. I will illustrated myself with casino player who is cheating. That is me. I cheat the broker. How easy it is? So easy that I made tons of money unlike other struggling traders out there. I have losing trades too. I am not God. But in a long run if I kept searching new broker, evolved my method, and do it over and over again, there is no doubt 100% chance I am profitable. A lot of dumb traders out there looking for patterns, trying new methods years after years doing the same thing. New method, not working, demo, new method, profit, loss, back to demo, another new method... doing that for 5 years is insanity. I used to be like that too, but the difference is I am not a dumb headed guy. I am not doing what I like. I did what worked. I dumped all my methods that I honed for years. I threw off all my skills I experienced. I am back to zero and I win. Most traders out there do what they like, not what is working. Especially for day traders. Don't get me wrong. There are profitable day traders but not everybody have talent at it. And the most faulty philosophy about trading is never give up. That is so stupid. For example if you open a CD music shop, then you won't give up though 99% music lover buy from iTunes? Wake Up!!! If your methods not working for 5 years why you still loyal to it? But most of traders out there start from not discipline. They think after disciplined they can be profitable. Well, if your method sucks, you will still lose money. It is not about disciplined. Some traders said those dumb head traders needed at the market so we can earn their money. I told all of this because I didn't get your money if I win. I take broker's money. So this is my honest advice to all of struggling trader out there. I realized some traders don't like my post here but this is the hard truth. Human emotion is the worst content for trading. Give up, take back step, and come back with new you. Throw all the garbage that is not working, focus on what is working.