Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EA fever!! I worked lesser and earned better. I give up my emotional control and profiting 12 months in a row.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Brokers hate news trader, so I cannot get fill anymore. Move on to other brokers playing small lots and stuff, still make me at least 5k per month. For those of you who still struggle, good luck. Five years experience teach me well. Don't trade everyday, Find ways to identify good or bad market condition. Leave the screen if market dull. I better spend my money to other thing than competing with algo robots at dull market.. It's futile really...

Oh and working too hard is bad too. Urge to make money solely from market will disturb your trading skill. I found out after years of trading. Why so many bloggers end up losing in the end? Because they are too focus on market, watch every ticks assuming that every move on market is worth something. Well good luck on that. Now I play more, have fun more, less trading, less screen time, and make more money than ever. I have more work to analyze broker weakness than charts. The work is instantly rewarded.

For those of you who planned to depend solely from trading, think again. Unless you already made so much money from trading so you don't feel angry if you lost a little bit from it, then maybe you can,

Consistently profiting 12 months in a row, make more than 200k at those time, I proudly claim myself as Professional Trader.