Friday, October 4, 2013

What is the hardest aspect to overcome in trading? Emotion? Are You Really experienced the real emotion?

Yes, It's true. Psychological is the most important aspect in trading. But aspire traders maybe never experienced the real psychological revelation in trading. It cannot be described by word how to feel it. But I am sure I already experienced almost every emotional traits in trading.

I am not an expert in human psychology. I am just ordinary trader with few education. I start trading 2007 and only after early 2011 found my own holy grail. From that moment till now there is no turning back. I can wiped out my losses from 2007 - 2011 in 2 months. It seemed like profit is my middle name now. They keep coming like a free ATM machine. Best moment in my life is now.

I want to share some of my experience and how I can reach all my dreams till now. I cannot help you to overcome your psychology problems. Each people have different problem, different character, and also different solutions. But one thing is very important about all this trading stuff is only one:


Yes, mindset is the most important thing in trading and all other things in the world. Mindset that you are destined to be success. Sound cliche but it is true. Mindset is different with faked hope on market direction. It is more about what's inside you. What you believe most, but always have open mind. It means what you believe can be changed but one thing is not ever change that you believe you are destined to be success.

I saw some traders keep doing the same thing, tweak there, modify this, etc. While they missing what is true important things in trading. Their eyes is closed by illusion of trading world. Trading world is what I can see is the same with Business world. You success, everybody want piece of you. Competitors come out, Copycat everywhere. In my country it's worse because no copyright protection here so everybody can open same business like you.

Let's step aside for a moment. See with different persepctive. Trading is not just you vs the world. It's more than that. You must have confidence in you. And it is near impossible to get it if you still struggle in trading. Breakthrough is needed. You must profit first then keep it that way. Keep profiting. Keeping is very difficult. Sometimes there are stones. But still, you must keep profit, Manage your emotion. Keep profit till you have abundance mentality. This usually come when you earned more than you need. Right now I only need 10% of what I earned. It felt so secure and comfort. When market is dull, I keep low and sometimes not earned much or even nothing. But when there are good moments, it's payback time. I earned insanely like there is no tomorrow.

What is abundance mentality? It is not about living lavishly and hedonism. I still in modest living mode. But I kept giving what I earned to theirs who need more. Yes, I will hold my desire to buy cool gadget but I donate the same amount of money to others. Feel Strange isn't it?

Philantropist showed that they have more. And the attraction of abundance will give them more money, It worked. Now I don't really need that much I earned but it is always feel enlightened to share with others.

If you can start to give now, it's a quantum leap to your trading journey. If you showed the world you have more, than the more you will get.

PS : all losers trader are usually stinky, because the poor mentality. Changed it and see what you get.