Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Updates For Personal Record

It has been almost 2 years since my last updates. Am I still in the trading business? Hard to say...
I have been spied and tracked by other traders who wants to steal my method or access to the market. Some ex fellow trader tried to contact me hoping to get some information because they cannot trade anymore. Their names was blacklisted by other brokers.

Though I feel pity for them, but I must face reality. In every business, we must fight for every slice of pies. I was naive back then when I shared all my trading secret to them. Back in that day, the pie is quite big so we can enjoy together without fighting. But when my mind got back to the past, they never shared any useful trading tips. All tips was coming from me. Some tips from them was so stupid that I suspected they just wanted to misleading me.

I admit I am paranoid. In the last two years I have seen so many broker scam that cost me money. But I can survived. I have new methods in trading and runs well so far, Of Course I cannot have windfall profit anymore but I am still doing my dream job, trading for a living.

If by chance my stalker read this blog, you can go f**k yourself and find another job. No more free loader for you.