Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keep It Small

I never said this style is safe. It's really dangerous in the hand of reckless and emotional trader. After making 38k in one day, I had to lose around $2.5k. Just ordinary day of a trader. Biggest mistakes I made was today. My autoclick trigger the buy AUD/USD after bad unexpected Philly Fed Data. I blindly looked at forexfactory that the bad number means bad for currency aka. US$....WHAT AM I THINKING !!! First I should stay on EUR/JPY and second, US Bad economic means bad for high yield currency. Oh well... bailed out without thinking...

But the beauty of the method is: You almost completely remove the emotional reaction. I can't do anything except waiting for another momentum chance. Nothing I can do. Unlike the old me who wanted to get back the losing....Nah...won't happening. A good things is my subconscious mind also helped me on track. The expensive broker I used need 5 pips moved to breakeven on major. So my brain kept telling me it's idiot beyond limit to trade-revenge on expensive broker.

Even I am now the dark-side trader, exploiting holes on broker's a$, the discipline should be there even more important now. I AM NOW PROUDLY PRONOUNCED MYSELF :

Thursday, August 11, 2011

News trading the best

Make $38k in one day that easier than printing money. And still nobody care about this shit at all. Love it :)

Funny things on the order: I was the only one trading at that time

Monday, August 8, 2011

Price Action Traders Rules For Now

Today's market, as a Price Action Trader should made tons of money. Amateurs will die instantly. If I was still on my old-fashioned mode, sure do also made lots of profit. And with my lack of experience visuals, volatility always come on falling market. Never expereinced the real bullish powerful exciting market like 1998-2000. Only the faked US$ stimulus market that moved like a zombie. That's why day traders prefer the bearish market. Profiting from Panic is the best way from day trading IMO.

But times like this didn't happen every time. From mid 2009 - mid 2011 we had a generally dead market with few sparks on EUR easpecially early 2010. At those 2 years I traded price action. The result was rather annoying. The dull market full with algo trading is not a good way to trade. I am not saying you can't profit from market like this. But as a breakout trader like me, it's a hell of pain. At the time like this, emotion easily distracted and causing to lose money. I hate it. Now, it's day trading heaven again and I am not even inside. No regret, not care.

News trader, whatever the method we chose, always behave the same. Jerk-off movement always the same direction with the data's number. No matter the technical trader said, instant result of data will kill technical trader in the world. Most technical trader will avoid the news time because they know, they cannot beat those news guys, at least at those very short term.

I used to avoid the news, lot of guru said that these guys are lunatic freaky gambler, addicted with increasing adrenaline and heart sports. Even my tutor hate those guys. Every technical trader I knew said avoid the news, don't follow the news, be careful with news, news is just for losers, they called it the jerk-off or junkers.

I'll tell you what: the junkers made $17000 last week with merely $20000 capital. The junkers is me, lol...

And I am proud to become a jerk-off trader.

Oh and those of you who still struggle, don't be a stubborn stone-head traders. Explore new world and find an uncharted place called spike news traders. I always believe to be successful in this profesion, you have to be unique. And stopped fighting the market by yourself. It's futile. Better you tricked and fooled your brokers. Trust me, it's much easier. Much much easier...

The reason why most brokers now protecting themselves and hate this kind of traders because, the traders make money consistently. No brokerage firm in the world forbid something that harmful to the traders. They make new rules and sets to forbid them to lose money. Think of it....think of it...

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I have been there for two years. It sucks. You are at the mercy of the market. Remember early 2009 to mid 2011? It's QE world. Market so dull and if you relied on your price action, God be With you..

How many traders or guru out there complained with the market condition that so efficient and dull with very few room to profit? It's not cool just profiting 2 out of 5 days in a week. Not cool praying there will be volatility in the market. Breakout trader seemed so frustrated that most of them change to become ranging trader. And when they felt it become their new consistent method...BOOM, volatility came back, with a vengeance. Fade trader dies in an instant. How many times you're ping-pong by market? Some says you have to adapt...guess what, it's hard to adapt cause when you're still learning, market condition already changes again.

Patience is virtue in trading. But patience too long is hazardous for your health. Especially from full time trader. Some of them still survives and keep fighting back. I salute with their struggle. But after no more consistency with my profits, come the SPIKE NEWS TRADER.... This is by far, the best trading methods hands down to all.

1. You won't have issue with patience since you only in market for tops few minutes sometimes seconds.

2. You won't have issue with discipline since if you got stopped out, it will happened in milliseconds and there's nothing you can't do about it (News Trader always put Stop Loss)

3. Adapt THIS! No more changing market environment. As economic data will came out like a clockwork and every big bank and institutional will adjust their positions based on the data. In the dull market, Spike News Trader made millions. In volatile market, even better. No weakness, perfect methods.

4. Easy, just follow the experts. Armed yourself with sophisticated traders tools. AutoClick, EA, VPC, etc. Technical analysis is too hard, more like a gambling. Sometimes you win, lose, stopped out at the exact reversal, got lucky, etc. Too many emotional roller-coaster. News trader: wait, filled, done, next schedule. That's it.

5. Few competitions. I think 99% scared of the data news. 80% will got out from their position before data came out. The News trader looked like a gambler from a public. Well, if the perception still there, that is a good sign. And hmmm...actually you're right... News Trading is a gambler....stay away and don't even dare to touch this if you want to go brokee (sarcasm).

My posts here actually harmed me cause the more people go with this method, the faster the brokers closed the door. But this is my way to give back what I have earned. So, good luck with your trading methods whatever it is.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Most savvy trader will look for the most competitive cost brokers. For forex, it means the most tightest spread in the world will win their attention. They thought that less cost means bigger profit potential. If able to, they will search for forex brokers with 0.1 pips spread.

While on the other hand, beginner will be trapped by more expensive brokers. These brokers usually hired lot of marketing staffs and focus on personal approach. The commission will be staggering like 3 pips spread plus 5 pips commission per trade. Savvy trader will avoid these kind of broker even without glimpse of eyes.

Unfortunately, cheap broker means they're more efficient than expensive broker. Savvy trader tend to find lot of holes and their brokers will be very soon close it over and over again. They even have bug division monitoring traders that playing dirty at their platform. It means that savvy trader have to play honest, and play honest against the market is imo a super difficult to do.

While the dumb traders stay with expensive broker, they have no ideas to exploit these brokers. If they become smarter, first thing to do is moving to the cheaper broker and compete with other savvy trader inside. So, these brokers is comfort with their status quo and still using technology five years old. Savvy traders won't even look at those expensive crooked brokers.

The Out-Of-The-Box Traders (like me) with little luck find these opportunities and find a gold mine. And some of out of the box traders even go further like looking for other brokers and search new method exploiting the holes. They knew these won't last long and vulnerable with greedy late-comer. So, cat and mouse game begin. The work not just only applied the trading method but also fooled the broker, kicked out the late followers who licked your butt for little hints, some greedy wolves who already in the game, decoying, drop-easing, manipulating, false information and so on.

For the first time in my life that I was able to fight back the greedy giant broker. So for another forex brokers out there, you better pray cause your time now is short. First step is draining the biggest local brokerage in my country lol

Seven Rules Of Cheating The Broker

Sorry for very infrequent posting. So busy for the last few days and most of them is ineffectively managed.

Quite happy with the result, already got around $8000 for the last three days. Lol

If some of you found a holes on your broker and this is some of my tips to make your cash cow live in a long run.

People tend to become greedy. Once they find your easy money source, they will exploit it without thinking. No Broker's can't survive from man's greedy.

Most broker didn't care if you have 1000% profit in your account in 3 days. BUT...when you make it real aka. withdrawing, then it means business. Cheating means stealing from your broker. No broker in the world let themselves being robbed.

My advice is having open position for a long term trades. You can hedge it on other broker to make it risk-free positions.

Besides realizing your profit, you can hedge your positions from another broker. Hopefully the win become losses and your method at least protected. If not, the hedge may also cloaked your true intentions. Hedging from ECN broker is recomended since they don't care about ur winning or losing at all.

5. Always looking for another broker
You never know when you'll be busted so always have a backup plan. Don't get too comfortable and keep improving.

6. Avoid Small Profit Sharing
If you find holes, 100% per month is not an amazing achievement. So why you offered your hard-worked finding with lazy investor. Remember that broker can't afford it in the long run if you steal them too much in a short time. US$ 100.000 drained from the broker before they aware is already good. You don't want to get only 20% from the $100.000 pie right? Enjoy it by yourself, slowly and cleverly.

7. Maintain the In-Out Money
The most important for brokers is they received more money than to give it out. Keep your account on balance. Do not make the withdrawal bigger than initial deposits. Remember, once they knew you are cheating, they'll easily close the door forever. Have multiple accounts with different name, hedge it each other. Hold it, and withdraw normally.

Don't Ever get too euphoria with your finding. Keep cool, simple and secretly build your wealth. Greedy only served temporary. Hopes this article helps and happy trading :)