Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 reflection and 2014 plan

Here are three statements of my accounts. I run more than 30 accounts and I think I made around US$200k annually.

Started from 2007 and now 2014, hardwork pays. Technically I become profitable trade since 2011 up till 2013. While 2011 is a recovery from 4 years of losses.

I am losing tracks of how much I made so far but it's really beyond my dreams. I even dont have to trade at all because I have assistance to do the stuff. 80% of my income is passive income and the other 20% is from trading manually.

I kept monitoring other blogger and I have to say none of them have good results. Doesn't mean to show off, this post intende to raise all traders motivations.

here's my past post about my silly dream:

It is way beyond my goals now and will not slowing down in 2014

My 2014 target is making US$ 1.000.000 annually

Here is my how-to-achieve lists:
1. Expansion from old strategy
2. More offensive in terms of trades
3, Back to old school day trading, I am ready!!
4. New EA
5. Operating own brokerage firm..this is very crazy dream..haha

All in past years have been a journey. I can quit now and enjoy a decent live with same thing as last year. Or I can do more and broadened my golas not just financially goal but also to other aspects of life. I am 34 years old, soon to have a baby at end of January, and there will be challenge ahead.

To all of you traders out there, HAPPY PROFITABLE NEW YEAR 2014 and if I can do it, You all can. God Bless..