Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why we don't need SOPA and PIPA

As we can see, the SOPA and PIPA polemic is finished with delayed voting. The main purpose for these new rules is for preventing piracy from the internet especially movies. Practically, the US Government can use these new laws to kill every sites they don't like. This is another acts to prevent us know about the truth.

The Hollywood Movies Business is very uncreative to sell their product. Why not using strategy like itunes who make mp3 piracy madness to a whole newworld. Broadband streaming is so common right now and downloading movies is so easy to do.

Here is my thought to make movies download business to the next level, though I know some of my idea already implemented.

1. Diversified product and price. Selling downloadable movies with different price. Low Res, High Res, HD.

2. Make the buyer proud. You can see why iTunes so success? Because the fans make it success. They are proud if their favorite songs become the most downloadable song on iTune.

3. Forget about DVD or BlueRay. Like era of CD music, it will be over soon. High Speed internet will let us download everything easy. DVDand Blue Ray production is so not effective anymore. Leave it to the collectors or fans.

4. Tradable watchable movies. The mainstream client like to rent movies. So if we can pay,download, watch it, done, why don't we can sell it back or trade in with other movies? The trade in moviescan be sold cheaper and cheaper and can reach more people. Internet cannot be fight with rules, embrace and follow it.

With some idea Holywood industry can grow with the internet.No need of neckbreaking rules to prevent it because Internet industry now is bigger than Holywood itself.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 So Far

As usual, shocking data release will give me money. Also for today's NZD CPI and AUD Unemployment. And I proudly announce if there is no failure system that caused my account evaporate like MBTrading, another consequtive green month for the 9th in a row.

Today's trade is the biggest profit for the month so far: $6000++ and include the commission is almost $10000++ :)

Beside, my arbitrage trading system working very well yesterday due to error system at my broker. More than 60 trades in 5 minutes!!

Now it is time for the trader to win against the broker.