Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Last Post For A While : Disconnected

Another max+slippage daily loser (smaller than yesterday). Feel disconnected with the crude oil. I have headache, confused, dozens stopped out, dynamic stop losses all failed, green bar won't work. One little undiscipline made me red. Near close rally on the wrong side...

Attempt for discipline, frustrated after dozens stop loss, big mistakes loosening SL and good bye. My strategy today was waiting for pullback and entry.

After inventory report, price were messy. First my green bar told me to go long. Price pullback to median and EMA20 price of the day. Fight very tiring on those area. Price very choppy. Then it went down, so downside confirm. Again, I waited for the price to rally to median and shorted. And again, price broke thorough it again. I am so confuse. The pullback worked was after inventory report, and there's too fast to entry.

The only thing I discovered is my Micro Green Bar worked well. But since there's Major Green Bar, I planned to trade breakout, not fading (Micro Green Bar is fading strategy).

Major Green Bar were a messed. Price faked multiple times around it. So the bright side with today's trade is, I will focus on what's work now: Fading Micro Green Bar. Oh God, I have headache again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stopped Posting For A While

Sorry for my rant. I did queen drama thingy. I upset people I liked, Everything I did was total mess.

It's not like I was hurt or painful or something like that. I did my job trading, followed my system. Unfortunately I forgot to stop trading and got overtrade. I will find the Zen State again like I did few weeks ago.

No more psots for a while until I can improve myself. My trade and my annoying social destructing skill.

I will close this blog. Open a new page of new personal. Posting like a pro-trader though I am not there yet. The objective of me blogging is to reach every trader in the world so we can learn from each other. But all I did was the opposite. I write childish post most of the time.



Kidding :) actually it's number three worst this year.


I realized I had been trading recklessly last week. There's nobody to blame but me. Last week there's none of the system I took for the order. No CM Pattern, No Green Bar, No everything. And I am sorry for that. All I did last week was just fading the trend every single trade. Some days I got lucky, one day I busted out. I was averaging down on oil with guts feeling....TWICE! It's just mere luck not blowing up my account that way.

There's nothing wrong with the system I used (maybe you already heard it from other miserable traders thousands of time). God has mercy, I was reminded with big losses on Friday due to my own bad trades. I was not trading last week. I was GAMBLING!

I am sorry not to keep discipline. I am sorry if my post affect your trading.

So, not to confuse more things, I will not explain the system I used especially if there's third party things. It's not good to interpret things without the owner's endorsement. I only discussed my own dioscovery system I found. Hope this post help and best of great trading for all of you :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sharing My Way Of Trading

I saw 5min charts, daily charts, ticks charts, and volume charts. I looked at

Green Bar Momentum = green bar mean big volume, high chance of big swing. Tend to hold the trade and entering on pullback aka. directional trade. No Green Bar means to fade with smaller Profit Target.

Micro Green Bar = green bar on smaller chart. Showed good place to fade the movement. Good if no bigger green bar.

Support Resistance = Pivot, Prev Hi/Lo, Opening, 5min expansion range. Also a navigator to fade, breakout and profit target. Quite hard on chop sideways market, but powerful tools in big swing trade. Use it based on condition.

5 min EMA20 = Magnet on slow market. Tend to chop in this area. Used for pre-caution.

Dynamic Stop Loss = Rising/Lowering the Stop Profit based on what price did. Make it tighter if micro green bar forming on top/bottom.

Strategy =
No green bar: tend to fade new high/low based on Micro Green Bar and sometimes *censored* pattern and key reversal. Also looking for Support Resistance. Profit Target usually based on fixed around 50 ticks or new high. Depend on how market did.

Green Bar:Green Bar can mean two things, big reversal or continuation. Carefully watch for price action moment after green bar. Every element very important in this phase cause big movement likely to come.

Usually I trade lightly when there's no green bar. I target 50-60 ticks, sometimes 30 ticks. If I get that, I will wait till there's green bar and I will resume trading. If not I will increase my screen time.

Then I have to workout with my discipline and patience. I made checklist form to evaluate realtime how I trade. More X means I trade recklessly. Also added my view to eye the price.

I also will made improvement for the journal. So far so good.

Monday Result:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

System Updated

I know maybe most of you got bored with my new-found system. I also got frustrated no matter how much I made new system, rarely I trade it right. Hope this time I made it through.

1. Green Bar strategy...
As usual, a bias following the green bar. This week there's four out of five days having green bar.
- How many I follow exactly from the bias? Only two.
- How many I used CM pattern from the bias? none
- When was the biggest profit I made from? The day without the green bar.

How ironic :)
I backtested the green bar day, there's one day with poor result. Others were fine. I wanted to tweak the green bar strategy again but sometimes it should be a bad day. I jsut may let that one day gone.

2. No green bar strategy...
I checked the green bar. Most of the time, when there's no news and no green bar until 09.30 EST, there'll be no green bar at all. But when there's green bar after those time, I'll follow the GB Strategy.
The strategy consists of fading the breakout. The catalyst is micro volume moementum, and simple S/R. I backtested the last few days and having decent result. The problem is I can't measure the PT. I think I will use my dynamic stop losses and discretion profit taking. The main focus is making money, not scoring home run.

Hope you like this post :)

I am Sorry...

So sorry to all visitors in my blog. I've been an ego-maniac a$$hole this whole time. I keep trolling about myelf, emotionally, annoying posts. I am sorry. I can't keep my promise to keep discipline. I said I will but these last 5 days all I did was everything except good solid trade.

Enough for promising everything. No comments on my blog only means that nobody interested in my writing. I will make this whole new journal tomorrow. Better layout, professional script ( I hoped I can do it), no more ranting and chewing what I feel.

I am sorry if I coincidentally made insult. Sorry for everything.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Results of the week:

Where should I start, everything went crazy. I became lazy. This is my reset button. I need to lose. At least that's what I thought. Now, after this losing day (unfortunately it's too big), I will get on my feet again hopefully.

Actually this week I never had no opportunities. Like today. The only mistakes I made was I trade recklessly. I was really in bad state. Two times I got out becaus of lucky. This time, I just run out of luck. But actually it's luck since I'm not blow out my account. In fact I still had few $$$ to enjoy.

I need my anchor again. My weakness is, I can't consistently trading with strong discipline. I was complacent, plus some luck, I could getaway from it. So what should I do. Writing is not getting me better. I must repair myself. To trade with ironclad discipline and perfection. I will do my best on Monday.

I was addicted with my $1000 profit on Monday. I was trying to repeat wahat I did on Monday. So, I caught a falling knife recklessly. Things got worse when price was faster than my SL intact. Okay, I did it today, no more luck.

I also was jaded by consequtive days of no green bar. I fade every day like that with good success. But when green bar coming, I was not ready. I was addicted by crazy entry. Back to time when I lost almost 50% of my account in one day.

How to fix:
Like dwayne said form Trin Cafe, I will make a checklist on every trade I made. It had points to show how did I trade. I will print the list on paper and I'll fill it every single day.

The Good Side:
My screen time inncrease tremendously. I can see some new pattern from CL, most from S/R especially on slow session. I also saw that green bar had a lacking confirmation. But if I followed it today religiously, I would book profit.

I must work myself again. Thank God for this losses, this is a stepping stone to get better. I need tools to monitor myself when in the market. I need punishment for not following the rules. I need it better than ever.

Strange thing but I have better spirit after this loss. I was sad of losing money (who doesn't) But if this is necessary to become a better trade, I was willing to pay. Obviously I need a physical stuffs to control myself. I can just writing this and that and again easily violate it without punsihment. I can't wait to work on weekend with how to controlled myself. Happy April Fools Day :)

PS: Result not yet reduced by commission.