Friday, June 10, 2011


Just want to know your opinion. Summary: Price never reached my price on log price or on chart. And they refused the refund!

As I know every order fill must record on chart. That's the function of chart right? My price never exist on chart or history log price. They just send me the $hitty excel log which is very doubtful and editable.

Every tick worthed. For traders sometimes it between the life and death. I don't mind if my price filled on exact lowest tick. But it just never exist. I used their chart and never saw my price.

What do u guys think? FYI, I already sucked money from this shitty broker around $25000 in one month because of their broken platform! But it doesn't mean they can cheat the customer right?

And you know where the broker/bucket shop/market maker came from???


Yes, $INGAPORE...I'll sue your company, a$$hole$$. I have evidence and everything. You don't even change the price on your site. What a stupid a$$hole$$..I thought Singaporeans is smart and highly creditable. You're just the same with other scammers from NIGERIA!!!

Next month, I'm gonna try to exploit their lagging price data since the hole will be shutting down. Now I realized the Fastest way to make money in this shitty job is to cheat the sneaky bastards broker!!! Like cheating on broken slot machine at Casino,, Fuck You, Bucket Shop!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend Notes

So much for farewell notes. I just step by once or two just to pour my idea.

Since I had my full time job, my Crude Oil trade didn't improve at all. Sometimes it's just untradable beyond my worst scenario.

However, my new project had a modest success. The account up almost 50% in three days. I made $4900 total. 4 trades, 1 breakeven, 3 wins. I can't show the result since the statement is very bad. Too bad it's not my own account.

And the comission I made kept improving :)

Have you ever felt how easy to make money? I had this feeling now. The easiest money I have ever made in my life.