Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reflection Months

I had been off from blogging, especially about my trade disaster. Kept moving to other instrument and everything just didn't feel right.

It's when I realized that I want to change something that make money for the last 4months. And I didn't get to it. My stop loss kept touching, my heartbeat rose, and so on.

After a month of searching. I have decided something. I was very good on AMZN. Very f***in good with 90% winning ratio on August. And what's good must be good. Until I realized what my mistake was, it's DON'T HAVE TO TRADE EVERYDAY.

My speciality : Averaging Down and Counter Trend. I just find out why my Winning Ratio was sooo good that's because of two of them. It's just fit my personality. And Backtesting AMZN it's still in check.

AMZN tend to fake trend at first hour and then reversed. Almost everyday. Except for 2 Hour Untouch EMA that's special case and I knew how to treat it. Here's what I do on October:

1. Wait for pullback or reversal and enter. Market sentiment from news likely will made false opinion like 09/29.
2. Entered at second trend except on Trending Day which is quite rare these days.
3. Scalping with partial profit.
4. Averaging Down. I have come to this conclusion that averaging down is not a sin. It's a method.
5. Small Profit target. This is where I excelled most. My Risk-Reward Ratio sucked. But Winning Ratio is good.
6. Accept losses after string of winner.

That's will make e back on shape, after I found out the secret of Amazone, like a title book already :)

Confidence BOOST !!! Going to fly :)

Updated :
I'll decrease my contract significantly like 2 contracts at first touch. And the return would be significantly lower.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

GS and ES

Correlation between GS and ES.
1. Convergence both of the GS/ES provide strong signal.
2. Divergence, better watch out the breakout.
3. Another Cnvergence
4. Again Convergence

It's important to see confirmation from other. There's a lot of other signal, but without confirmation the probability will reduce

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Feature

I turnd to GS again. More liquid and straight forward. This stocks taught me to discipline unlike AMZN.

TICK rarely went to negative teritory. so I set up a CALL.
First CALL Flawless and got out quite good.
Second CALL not too good as being faked out but hang on as my market reading still on positive teritory, exited too premature.

Out of Blog Temporary

I'd like to improve my trading including my journal.
So, time for renovation..out for a while, back with better feature.

Coccon phase mode : ON

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mind Concieved, Can Achieved

I used this blog to express what's good for me. I refused negativity and I only cared about what make me happy. It felt like ignorance and denial for a while but it come to realization.

I realized everything I resist, persist like what I did these day through my day-job. So now I will only focus on what I want, ignoring and didn't even think about what I don't want.

Over the last 2 months I had an income that's compared to my superior. I made a very good money from trading options. I remembered that day became the most joyful day of my life. I felt in abundance and wealth.

Right now I was challenged to strecth myself to become a better trader.

God said:

You did well my Child. So you need to improve. I gave you these challenges. I know you can overcome this and after that, you will become a better trader, even one of the best among others. You can't be like this all the time. You had a superior talent, skill, and knowledge. You are my special one, different from others. And I have to boost your learning curve. Now it's your time, embraced it and feel it. This may become the most important moment from your trading journey. I had given you tremendous amount of challenge and surprisingly you still survived and improved. I knew you are different from other. You had all of the best trader needed. You can endured the long market hour, fast thinking and movement, solid determination, and proof profitability over 85%. Even you had an excellent market feeling, one of the best.
I understand these days you lacked of sleep and tired, but it's worth it. You kept motivated, and inspired from others. You are the best trader I have ever created. You deserved the hard-work, fortune, prosperity, and happiness. You are My number one Trader. So get up, fight, dance and reap massive profit from the market. And I'll see you at another challenge. You are the NEXT MARKET WIZARD !!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Result

Nett Profit : $1448++

And the result showed up. The biggest winning through my trading career. I knew I could do it. I knew AMZN movement and today I'll made another thousand. I AM ON FIRE NOW...!!!!!

Character Building In Progress...

I made many mistakes this week. Loss attracts another loss and so on. This is what we called Law Of Attraction. But I will manage it. I built a mental positive attitude like 'Oh, it's a called to make $500 per day minimum'. Or the sign of my progress through my trading journey.

The lesson from hard day is precious and couldn't compare with how much money you paid for that. So I started feel happy, don't look at my account, just focusing on making money.

Another lesson is I can't think clearly when handling overnight contract. It's like a burden and never got used to it. So I will make money with day trading, and return to my pace, even better.

First thing to make me feel happy was giving money to someone who need. And I've done that. Feel? Warm and Abundance.

Let's Trade...

Focusing on Recovery

I had been out from blogging to recover my loss. This is the biggest loss I've ever experienced. Still In Control and I am sure I will get on pace soon, even better than before.

Here's improvement :
1. I absolutely need hard stop loss. I still can't figure the number but I need it.
2. More aggresive. I am a master of winning ratio. I just need adding volume to
increase my profit.
3. Pattern changed. Get used to it. However, my scaling down still profitable.
Except there're less opportunity.
4. Today I'll made 3 digit profit. Marked my word.