Thursday, April 19, 2018

Exploit the Advantage of Big Leverage Margin

After months of no posts, I would like to share the experimental result I have done recently. The experiment and result is based on my own trading result and I am sure this is not the first time I did the research.

I find it simple to profit almost 100% per day if you have the guts to high leverage trading. I am doing day trades as usual. The difference is now I let my profit run and cut my losses small. Very small that almost all the trades are losses or break even. The trade system running normally but no profit taking activated. No direction either. It can buy then sell, or sell then sell etc. There is no restriction of which direction to take. It trades a lot and 70% of the trades is close break even or small losses. After 2 opened positions running in profit zone for some minutes, I double the trades. The new trade may trade different direction or the same doesn't matter. The rules still implied. If it is negative or break even then close. Then it took some losses again. Then I double the position again until all trades need 80% of available margin.

After quite a while all open positions is in one direction of trading. I can add 2 more lots to make it full margin and that's what I did. Now all the trades are profitable and make 90% of the initial equity.
And I did it in just 2 hours of trading in 3 days. All 3 days has reached the objective.

Here is the requirement to trade like this:

1. High leverage margin / low margin requirement per trade.
2. Wide range directional trading instrument like Asia market index.
3. Sufficient trading capital.
4. Big guts

And that is what my trading imagination. The truth is.....I blow up 3 accounts in three consecutive days. Demo accounts though but still it is interesting findings. I only need less than 30 lots to blow up 10k accounts by doing the exact opposite that I write above.

This is how trading played the human mind. It will beat you over and over until you crazy.
Let profit run, price will return and give you nothing. 
Next time you let losses run and it end up blow up the account.
and the cycle return...

" Boxing is unnatural act...that everything in boxing is backwards. way to deliver a punch is step back. "

                                                                       from Million Dollar Baby

* change boxing to trading and punch to trade