Friday, August 10, 2018

Harmonic Pattern Re-Update System

The search for most suitable system sometimes is very complex and time consuming. I still have the mentality faith to avoid trading breakdown is to trade multiple pairs. Sadly the Harmonic Pattern become less and less important. The only reason it is still using is to avoid the over trade.

I know experience with conventional indicator to mapping price movement:
1. Harmonic Pattern
2. Moving Average
3. Pivot Point
4. Multi Time Frame Stochastic
5. Longer Time Frame TDI
6. Multi Time Frame RSI and ADX
7. ADR
8. London open Breakout
9. Fibonacci
10. Heikin Ashi
11. Trend reversal EA that I used for filtering the pattern

These are the steps to analyze the trades:
1. Run the Harmonic Scanner during London Market open
2. Check incoming economic event
3. Filter the best pattern with EA trend reversal
4. Wait for the signal to emerge from crossover
5. Enter the trade when it happened
6. Insert SL and TP based on Moving Average and Pivot Point
7. Watch the trade for a potential to averaging up
8. Wait the price to hit the target or just leave it

Other ideas is trade the No Pattern pairs for Follow The Trend Strategy. The trade is based on waiting the price to pullback then enter. Without Harmonic Pattern emerge maybe the resume trend has bigger chance.

Next trading idea is to compare correlated pairs to measure the strength and weakness with stochastic. This is important to follow the trend strategy.

So far the system has good result. I manage to return the losses from last trading session. The London Open Trading is a very great idea that I want to focus more on this.

Monday, August 6, 2018

What is Missing? Winning Streak and Losing Streak Illusion

Why the losing streak happened severely after the winning streak happen? Simple answer is : Because there is a winning streak before.

Let me explain what happened in my experience.

My winning streak occurred when Harmonic Pattern give signal for reversal mostly at one single pairs against other. Let's say AUDJPY, GBPAUD, AUDUSD, and AUDCAD.
After all filtering and everyhting, I trade 3 pairs against AUD because the system said so.
What happened next that all the trades are profitable. Everything is great and everybody happy.

Then few days later, another similar thing happened. This time CAD against other pairs. With the confidence after recent wins? I trade with the same setup, same technique. And what happened next is predictable. All pairs against CAD is busted. The previous winner was wiped out by current losers.

This is why winning streak and losing streak is illusion.

I cannot avoid the losing scenario if I took the winning scenario before. It is impossible to cherry pick which trade is good or not. If you enjoy the winning, you must suffer from the next losing. It is no other way around.

However there is one way to avoid this.

Don't take the winning streak at the first place...
And you will not get the losing streak next time.

At my previous posts before, I talked about how important to keep our trader's mind state stable and calm. This winning and losing streak for sure is not helping. So from what I learned the winning streak should not happen at the first place. I should take only one pair with the best probability and therefore there is only single winning. Then at second trade I also only trade one pair and then there is only one loser. This probably will give the same result with the old strategy. But once again think about the state of mind after experience it. Personally I won't feel comfortable after five winning in a row followed by five losing in a row. It may affect my judgement and calm trading. Too fear for the next setup or revenge trading. Neither will have good outcome.

In conclusion, Harmonic Pattern is still a good tools for me. But next time I will use it more carefully and hopefully I can trade comfortably again.  

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Missing Something Important

Today I am not synchronized with the market. All pattern stopped out and it wasn't a good thing. Harmonic can be bad at trending days. All pivots has been violated and no retrace whatsoever. It is obvious that follow the trend and wait for pullback has better winning ratio than blatantly trading the Harmonic Pattern.

I need to find a solution to analyze currency strength. Today is the day that all trades gone wrong. Every pivot point is a losing trade and that is very frustrating. I think one essential thing that very important is how to use the Moving Average. The further price distance with Moving Average, more likely price will reverse and the closer price to Moving Average more likely price will resume the trend.

Next idea is to use different strategy that I have been observed for quite some time. The pullback trading which is the opposite of Harmonic Trading.

Most important thing is how to detect trending market early. One idea comes from currency strength and analyzing MA strength from all pairs.

Weakness of Harmonic Pattern is when it gives signal to short the strongest pair. Worse it give multiple pairs trigger. The powerful pair will wipe out all other currency without retrace.

Good thing is I am not yet in full trading mode. Experience this situation early is very important for a better trade.