Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News Trading Revelation

I was stupid enough avoiding the news release when trading and lost lot of money. I was firmly believe that Price Action is the holy grail of trading and be cocky about my method, my discipline and again, lost a lot of money.

I was playing safe like almost all trader guru in the world taught and thinking that continuous learning, patience, and discipline will prevail and lost a lot of money, little by little.

I hate all overpriced bucket shop brokers, looking for the cheapest, secure, famous one to trade, and again lost a lot of money.

I thought that overtime I would someday beat the market with my own hand and after three years, lost a lot of money.

I was firmly believe that honesty, integrity, and fairness in trading soon will pay and lost a lot of money.

I used to be full of doubt every day when start trading, playing give and take all day long and realized give much more than take.

I used to be frustrated when market was so quiet, or when so volatile. Sometimes angry when missing the boat that only Gods when and where to go and lost a lot of money.

I used to blame the market not giving clear direction and when it does, most of time I was not there.

I was so tired being chopped heavily by tiny cutloss and when it finally moved, I was not there.

I used to get stopped out by fast retracement and missing the great move.

I used to fight myself over and over again and lost a lot of money.

I used to have long research and ended with random trades and lost money.

I used to stay on market for only stopped out at the worst price over and over again.


I am looking for broker's weakness hole, exploiting it, and make a lot of money

I keep searching new broker to exploit, do it, and make a lot of money

I used big lots sometimes full margin to trade and make a lot of money

I exepriment with broker's lagging data, spike price, holes on feature and make a lot of money

I only stay on market in very short time and make a lot of money

No more Trading Methods discovery, Back testing manually, and other tiring activity.

Now my activity is:
- Meeting Broker's Representative to talk about trading rules and feature
- Testing a lot of broker that can be cheated
- Meeting prospecting investor
- Sharing commission and other dealing
- Looking for cheating tools on internet
- Chatting with other's tech trader
- Finding crackholes after broker's keep fixing their problem

RESULT : $45000 in three months!!!

So what the hell am I doing for three years? This method is actually the best method I've ever seen, easy to use, and also, the most secret things is to hide the cash cow broker from public.

If you keep fighting with your own power against the market, forget it. I give one tips : It's easier to fight your broker than the entire world.


  1. I'm clueless to what your doing, but if its working and legal, more power to you!


  2. Hi d,
    It's completely legal. Just some stupid brokers never been touched by news trader