Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are there easier job than trading?

I run 2 persons trading business. Both of us only need computer and internet connections. Most of my trades is managed by algo trade. Monthly I made 10k on average.

No employees,no office,no overhead cost,even very rare supervision on trades. I travel to europe and china and my loyal robot make money almost every working day.

Of course sometimes the stupid broker found out my scheme than they requoting or even worse bullying my trades. Then it's time to open new account with different name.

This method work just fine. But do not too gredy taking broker's money. Better steal 1k per month and run in long term than hit them 10k on one month then your robot is blocked forever.

Brokers also need time to recoup their loss. Give them time to recovery. You dont want your client out of business because of your greed.

Also keeping secret of your method. Because of supply and demand law. Money comes from the edge. If everybody knows, it is not edge. It is public information.

All big company biggest secret is their product ingredient. So they can monopoly the market. we should do the same things.

I saw almost everybody in my trader blog list either quit or struggling. Seriously, after six years of trading, what do you have? I have infinite time freedom, enough money, cars, house, savings. Trading is just tools to reach your goal. If the tools is not working.. find something else.


  1. Still around I see.. yes I am here too :)

    I'm taking some of your advice, had a long break, maybe around 8 months now and going to start up again shortly. Should be interesting to see how things go with a fresh pair of eyes.

    Glad to see you are keeping well, when you went quiet for so long I thought maybe the brokers have all finally caught up with you and kicked you out for good.. ;)

  2. Yes 1lot, I am still around u can contact me at I will not open email frequently but this is best options due to crazy spammers and ads these days.

    Market changes all the time. If u want to took my advice, best trading method is waiting for the best time. Right now, every day trading is worthless. Waitin the right moment is the best for now. Only trades the best setup. Best setup usually coming when time is come. It is almost useless trying to profit in daily frame. Market is very dull right now.

    Best time maybe come when ceiling debt event later. Ride the volatility. That's where the money come.

  3. Appreciate the advice mate, I will give you a shout on email shortly. Sorry for my slow response, working on some side projects also and going through a busy stretch at the moment, all night and day, forever it seems. :)

  4. One easier job for me is to do KLSE stock analysis as I take the help of some blogs and some my experience makes it easy.