Friday, July 27, 2018

Preemptive Reaction, Ready for The Worst..

I am not a psychologist or psychiatric. But probably this post may help your trading result.
Trading like other thing in life, we must prepare for the worst. In any cases, we must have our self conscious mind always ON. Trader's weakness is boredom. No Action when market is in sleep mode. Our habit to have activity while working is not applicable in Swing Trading. The most consuming time for Swing Trading is not analyzing, scanning, reading news, finding pattern, new trading ideas, or other trading related stuff. The most time spending is waiting.... be of the hardest challenge for Trader.

While waiting the trading signal, we must keep our subconscious mind ready. Before the trade happened we must ready for the worst. What will happen if after waiting for hours even days and the trade is a losing trade? What will you do? That must be answered before you take the trades. Sometimes trader after a waiting game their mind will be weakened. When the trade goes the opposite way, we are not prepared, then our emotion will take over the action. This is most traders will experienced. Not preparing for the worst.

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